Wednesday, December 5, 2007

Sweet Memories

Last night I started the front cover of this vintage photo album and finished it at about 11:30 pm..... I was so excited on how it turned out, today I finished the back cover, now my heart melts every time I look at it. My 7 year old daughter Maddison, said to me "is that for me mum", as she has been asking me to make her book like this, but I told her this is for photos/journal and the book you want me to make has secret compartments to house your keys for your little cupboard and diary away from your little sister Anastasia who is 5 going on 15, don't worry honey your special book is on it's way!

Do you like the pink paperie flower that I made, I was taught how to make these on the beach in New South Wales by my auntie, when we had a week holiday. You would never guess what we used back then, and I have to admit they looked beautiful, glimmering in the sun light, it was the paper out of a cigarette packet, I went around to all my aunties friends and asked for the paper out of their packets and being only 9 years old they gave it to me. I sat down and kept making them until all the paper was gone. It was a mix of gold and silver, by the end of the week I had a huge posie. I took them home to show my mother at how clever I was, she said "oh there nice darling where did you get the paper?" soon as I told her that it was made from the paper out of the cigarette packet she told me to throw them out. I said "no" and run to my bedroom, picked up my favorite perfume and sprayed them all, NOW they smell beautiful I said to myself!!!! I might make some so you can see them in the gold and silver, better start collecting paper.

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