Thursday, May 19, 2011

An Amazing Autumn

Hi there, this week traveling back and forward to drop my girls off at school, I have noticed this year Autumn is at her finest, I don't know why it stands out more then ever before, but the colours are so vibrant, rich and beautiful, so much so I could resist on capturing some of her beauty. 

 I think these picture say it all...don't you think?
  maybe using these colours for inspiration
 to bring warmth into your home
 a throw blanket
 some cushions
 some branches in a vase for display
 an open fire
 with a nice cup of soup.
 The perfect Autumn day

 amazing how many coloured leaves on one tree 

 I think this tree is on
 this one above would have to be my favorite, how wonderful would it be to drive down here everyday through Autumn to your home.
 I just love how the trunks of the trees look almost black from a distant which in turn intensifiers the colours of the leaves

I have to say this is the best Autumn showing I have ever seen.

enjoy life!




Shabby Chatue said...

Absolutely stunning photo's, Kirstie!! Wow...I love fall and all it's beauty...although I'm glad it's Spring here! lol! You did an awesome job capturing it in all it's glory :)

I am now an official follower..I've always followed, I guess I never realized I hadn't actually clicked on the follow me link!!

Thanks for sharing...many hugs ~Dawn

Natasha Burns said...

It really is a very colourful autumn this year, isn't it? I love the reds and yellows everywhere right now. (not a fan of Australian natives, evergreen gum trees, yuk!) I think because it's a bit colder and we had a colder summer, the colours are stronger. I hear that autumn colour is stronger in cooler climates. great shots Kirst, you captured it perfectly!

Lucinda Obrien said...

Lovely photos Kirstie!!

Marina Mott said...

Stunning collors! Amazing photos!!

Prulletje said...

Beautiful! Love THE warm collors

Vintage Chic Delights said...

Gorgeous Photos Kirstie, love the colours of Autumn and we get a lovely display here in the cold Blue Mountains. I have just bought some teatowels in gorgeous burgundy tones to make a patchwork tablecloth and a runner to bring those warm tones into the house for Autumn and winter- my husband loves the colours too.

The Rose Room said...

Just beautiful Kirstie, so many colours, so inspiring! Hope all is well in your world! Rachaelxo