Friday, June 13, 2008

My Shop is Open!

Ok I know I haven't been blogging for a while, sorry about that, but things have been crazy around here! and NO! I still haven't started packing yet but I must say my house looks like a bomb has hit it....I've been busy setting up my shop still lots more to go in but it now is OPEN, my shop is at Pipeworks Fun Market, 400 Mahoneys Road, Campbellfield, Melbourne, Victoria. And the shop number is 321-322. We open last week but I'm sorry Lady's I didn't get to post the GRAND OPENING! like I wanted to, my mouse on the computer wouldn't work by the time I worked out the real problem, which was the USB port it was to last to posted the OPENING....boohoo, so here it is images of our shop as you can see I still need to add lots more stock around the out side I kind of feel a little bear compared to all the other shop owners but each week I'm adding more and more, Vintage, Antiques, Cottage, French, Junk Chic and Shabby Chic.

Some of the items we sell,

Soft furnishings & set setting up stage, boxes here and there,

I was taken by surprise today, I was chatting to some customers when a beautiful person snuck up behind me, I turn around and nearly screamed the place down as I recognized that beautiful smile, from her blog, Yes you guessed it the one and only talented and beautiful Natasha, girl you have got some, fluttering around fast like a butterfly.....actually I hope you liked your butterfly on the gift I gave you. Also Natasha bought in my beautifully handmade garland she made just for me, you know the ones the little timber aqua blue painted ones with her beautiful silver glitter words, mine spelt out Adeline Country Cottage, I am thrilled to bits Natasha, Natasha also tied them to my selvage gate out the front they look fantastic hanging out there, but the only thing is I don't get to see them that much out there, something so beautiful made by a friend I need to have them right under my nose, and poor STA my daughter when for a six and landed on her bottom as her shoes where slippery, she was trying to get to a little girl to tell her off because she was touching and trying to pick off the glitter on the, We had lots of fun chatting, wish we had more time as it felt like it went to quick, Natasha also took some photo's of the shop and us together, me I forgot my camera, hopefully soon we will have more time!

Also I had my little review in this months Country Home Idea magazine on page 126, show casing some of my tags, that's really exciting, I'll post that soon I haven't taken a photo of that yet to show you, but soon I will.

And here are some of my custom made Rococo Chair tags the I made for Vintage Glamour, designed just for Maritza & Paul, so if you like to get your hands on these you will have to visit Maritza & Paul at Vintage Glamour and Parisian Flair in Sydney.

All design and images made by me are copy right, please do not copy or reproduce designs and images in anyway.

So ladies I hope you have a chance to drop in and see me, and please make yourself know as I love to meet you.

Oh before I forget there is a GIVE AWAY! over at Aged Vintage Papier, and say hi to Amy, so please don't forget to pop on over there for details, and don't forget to let them know who sent you, and spread the word around.

Have a wonderful weekend and will chat soon!




Anonymous said...

Hey Sweetie!! Well done on the opening!!Im writing anote on my calender to come visit next weekend!! Congrats sweetie your stand looks lovely!!
P.s Sorry I had to end our conversation quickly the other day promise we will chat longer next time!!

TattingChic said...

Your shop is lovely!

Alison Gibbs said...

Hi Kristie congratulations on the opening of your shop at the Pipeworks. Now your house must be getting empty with all these things in the shop and nothing must be left in the garage!!LOL Good Luck with it. How many days a week is the market open??

Linda said...

Hi Kirstie,
Congrats on the opening of your store. If I'm ever down that way I will be sure to pop in.
Cheers Linda

white o'morn cottage said...

Wow! you have been busy. welcome back. I love your shop. can't wait to see more of it. Best of luck with it. cheers...Pam

Natasha Burns said...

Hey gorgeous! It was so fun meeting you, I'm glad you were surprised! LOL, i didn't have your mobile number even if i didn't want to surprise you, hee hee!
I'll come visit again soon, it is not far from me and i didn't get a proper look at everything. Let me know when you get your soaps in....!!! Oh and so glad you like your garland! I got some really good photos especially of you and your girls, will post them on my blog one day soon. now i need to get back to this quilt xoxo

Anonymous said...

hey chickie, Im planning on poping down this weeekned to visit your store will most likey be Sunday!! So keep your eye out for a visitor!!

sita said...

You have a lovely shop, wish I could visit someday! Thanks for sharing your darling pics of all your goodies!

Pearl Maple said...

Congrats on the shop opening. Wishing you lots of good news with the new venture.

tales from an O.C. cottage said...

How exciting!!!! Best of luck! Form the looks of it you cannot help but be fabulously successful!!!!

M ^..^

Anonymous said...

Hi Kirstie,
Congratulations on your shop, everything look just devin. I wish you every sucess in your new venture.
Sarah xx

Sadie said...

Hi Kirstie!
Lovely shop photos!
Thanks for the Etsy convo this morning...
~Sadie Lou