Sunday, May 16, 2010

Vintage Nighties and other lovelies

Firstly I want to thank you ladies for emailing me to see everything In my life is all are so very kind...It's just things have been very busy around here for me for the last 5mths...packing moving, then unpacking, was having a baby then lost it 6 weeks in, silly bugger just attached itself to the wrong area ( C section) but I am ok with it all, so please don't feel sad!! from kids parties to my daughters christening and her birthday, to stocking up shop to trying to set up the studio craft area at the shop, all that to fall through as the owner has now sold the shop, now it looks like I have to move make sure you pop back to see info on the big SALE!!!!

So back a few posts ago I mentioned about all my vintage nighties, this is just a few that are hard to let go, hmmmm maybe just maybe they will end up in my online boutique, I have started to upload some of them including bed jackets, make sure you keep watch as I have over 30 to upload as you know uploading takes time.

This Aqua with white lace is gorgeous, its sheer light to wear with beautiful lace trimming, you can see how it would be hard for me to part with this one, not only because of its beauty but because I have a love for blue and all shades in this hue.

loving the detail of this neckline, don't you?

Oooooooohhhhha this one is simply stunning, this soft blue nightie and gown to match, has the most amazing lace work to it, one again sheer, with alot of lace work around the neckline, the sleeves and around the bottom,

soft to touch, and did I mention how beautiful the colour is, you would feel very girly like a princess and romantic for your partner in this sweet number the only thing you would need is some of those fluffy high heel slippers...hee, hee....Shhhhhhhhhhh!!!!!

look at the detail lace work in the sleeves, and not to mention...dotted with a pale pink bunch of flowers.....we all have to have our little flower details....don't we!!!

These are just a selection of fabrics I love so much displayed in a white vintage basket, and have just started to do some projects with them....will keep you posted there.

I have to admit I do love walking past the basket filled with all these yummy's, I have a bad habit....I buy the fabrics in all good intention to make lots of yummy thing but cant bring myself to cut it up.....why is that?

Just a simple beautiful picture I love and had to share with you, ohhhh and by the way the vintage bowl in the image is list in my boutique HERE

Well back in January we moved house, so there was lots to unpack and a lot that stayed packed with some huge help from my dear friend Mandii...but the one thing I had to have out is my ever growing vintage glassware which I also have started to think maybe I don't need that much glassware, but who can resist when the hues are so beautiful....oh and I have listed some of these in the boutique as well HERE

I also revamped this dresser about 2 and a years ago, I left the chippy paint, white with green under tone, and gave it a light sand, the middle draw and door already had the perfect shade of green, then I inlaid the mosaic in the doors, one piece of furniture I have fought in my mind and heart do I sell or do I not sell......Hmmmmmmm time will tell.

this is my dining room of the house that I'm renting, where Mandii helped me with the setting up of, I love the way the light bouncers around the room in the morning, and is a joy to eat in.....unfortunately in the next image.......

you can see all our hard work has gone to major organised chaos, stuff, beautiful stuff line around the walls on the floor things that were meant to go to the craft area at the shop stayed I think I need a new system and or sell the bloomen lot.......I'm all cluttered up and hating my friend hoping I wont leave it to late next time in posting....well I can't as I need to let you know about the SALE and new items listing feel free to pop over to my boutique HERE if you want to view everything click on ALL ITEMS......

Chat soon!!!
Hugs from me to you


Natasha Burns said...

Hey girl! glad to see you posted again! You've had a ton going on in your life, I'm surprised you ever found the time to come see me a few weeks ago :) xo
Sweetie your links don't work - you have too many http bits in your link code, you need to remove a few - click on your links and see what i mean :)

Alicia ~ time worn style said...

Hi Kirstie, you have been one very busy lady indeed!! Love the dining room set up even with all the vintage junk in it probably because it looks like my house ;0) I'm due for another big clean out of stuff too!

Alison said...

Kirstie so wonderful to see another post from you.
Funny how we all seem to be needing to rid ourselves of some of our treasures. It is always so hard to let them go.
Have to get you, Mandii and Natasha to come down for a visit one day
Take care

Delcie said...

Lovely post to read, Kirstie, will pop over to your online shop if the link works. Hope you are having a lovely weekend. I rained all day yesterday. But looks sunny so far today. Hope to go out for Sunday brekkie, Delcie

shabbydreaming said...

WOWZERS!!!!! she has done a post!! AHHHH I just fell over!!! LMAO!!
Great post babe, all your images are stunning!!!

The Rose Room said...

Wow, no wonder you haven't been blogging, that sounds like way to much going on for one girl! So sorry to hear about your pregnancy loss. Love all your vintage nightie stuff. I wear mine! lol! And so loving the mosiac cabinet! Take Care of YOU!!! Rachaelxo

maría cecilia said...

Hi darling kirstie! Coming back from your so beautiful boutique, you have so many lovely items for sale... was looking for some enamelware but didn´t find any!!! I love them so much!!
Thanks for your good wishes for my new shop, you are so sweet!!!!!
Maria Cecilia

Zita - Mlle Magpie said...

Oh, my, a lot has certainly been going on in your life, Kirstie. Glad to hear you're doing alright despite everything. Your vintage nighties are incredible - I've recently just started collecting a few myself.