Wednesday, February 6, 2008

Busy! Busy! Busy!

Hello blog friends, haven't posted for a long time now, but thought I'd pop in and leave a short one, Went away for a short break down to Rosebud, along the coast, I just love that name don't you Rosebud for a name of a place... Not much Rosebuds but a lot of beach. If I get the chance I'll post alittle of that later, also busy with my cherubs, one going back to school, grade 2 and the other just starting for the first time, prep. I couldn't believe it Sta's very first day at school and she wanted to give me a kiss at the gate and then told me to go home, even though she had know idea where her class room was....thanks Sta you know how to make mummy feel wanted...LOL, so I pulled a sad face and said mummy wants to walk you to your class room just incase your not shaw where to go....ok Sta replyed... So now I'll have lots more time to create, buy and list.

Also made lots of valentines products, to put on my website but had a slight glitch with my computer........bloody thing wouldn't upload my photo's so now I'm running behind weeell way behind so those will be listed soon, also working with Country Home Ideas Magazine having some of my tags and my first add published for the Mothers Day that's all exciting.

So I'll leave a little taste of whats going to be listed with in the next few day's, I hope you like?

I'm hoping to get around to visit a few blogs this week if I get a chance, hope everyone is well and chat soon, Oh quick question how do I put you lovely lady's down the right side or the left side of my blog I'm not shaw what to click on, and how to just to have your names there and not the blog address, is there someone that could some help me! I'm alittle folks are dumb!

Anyway see you all and chat soon.



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Alison Gibbs said...

What an independent youngest daughter you have.