Monday, February 25, 2008

A Little Bit Of Everything

Ok because I haven't posted for a while I never got to share my excitement when I recieved my Sweet Treats and Roses Book, lady's that's all 41 of you, and me that makes 42 of us are blessed with the most amazing talent, I will cherish this gorgeous vintage Sweet Treats and Roses book for ever, what an honour to be mixing it up with the best of them. Special thank-you goes to Karla and Beth for putting it on and spending hours of there time making all the covers. My front cover I had wished for when Karla first posted them after making it, and much to my surprise I recieved the one I wanted....How's that for Law of Attraction. Also thank-you for making up little extras for me Karla they all are just gorgeous, that you can see beside on the right. and I also want to thank Karla for my lovely tag that came with my book, but my problem is which Karla, is it Karla from Karlas Cottage or is it Karla from Sugar Bear Design... come on lady's own up, which one of you is it hmmmmmmm, as I just want to thank-you...... I had such fun doing this swap and being my very first ever swap was alittle scary but look at the finished book.....Just beautiful, you can go back through my posts to see my page I made for all the lady's.
EDIT: I have just realized and brought to my attention, by Linda my Blinged Bird House is a month early....Aussie gals think there going to be late but end up being to, Blinged Bird House showing date is 27th March.
Bling Your House, well lady's here it is my little bird house, I have to say I really enjoyed making this cute bird house, You know when I finished it my hubby said to me, it looks alot like a Shabby Japanese Temple Bird House.......I said well I don't know about that, but as I'm sitting here typing, I looked over to take a glance at it and you know something because it's sitting up high on my dresser, it dose look a lot like a Shabby Japanese Temple Bird

Now starting from the top, the point of the Shabby Japanese Temple Bird House has been heavily glittered in pink with pearl and gold bow wreath, below there you will find a row of vintage buttons that run right the way round, moving down to the roof rose fabric, and added on each corner a pearl with jewel gem, a row of pale blue jewels, I have used vintage sheet music that has been washed with pink on the front wall , the opening has been pink glittered, the fence posts have been decorated in shabby fabric and paper, embellished with a beautiful vintage blue and white flower with a blue jewel in the center, surrounded with little white flowers, vintage lace that also runs right the way round, with pale green glittery leafing and twiggy beads as branches, around each exterior wall and roofing has a different vintage wallpaper or shabby fabric and two more rows of pale pink jewels,
Sooooo there you have it my Shabby Japanese Temple Blinged up Bird House, I hope you all enjoy my pretty creation, and I'm more than happy to sell or swap my bling bird house. If anyone wants to buy my birdy house feel free to contact me and or anyone that is in the Bling your Birdhouse buy, sell, swap feel free to contact me asap.....Now there is only one boohoo so it's first in best dressed.
Also I want to thank Karla and Beth once again for hosting another great hosting, if you want to read more about Bling your Bird House, and also tips and tricks to bling your Bird House on her blog today.visit Once again lady's I had fun.

Now I have added a few new tags in my boutique, above is Mother's Day Whisper, I just love how this has turned out, when I showed my own mother she fell in love with it, I think it's bring back lots of memories of when she was I little girl.
This one is my Fragile Paris, I know lady's more Paris, Well we just can't get enough of Paris. I think I may have already posted this image oh well it here again.
Ok this one is sooo cute, I have called it Went To Market, also in the Mother's Heart Category.
Now to the Lovely Pina, I have decided to bring Pina on board, as you can see her work is just gorgeous, I do paint myself but I though seeing I have my hands full of my own work doing my tags and sourcing products for my boutique, I would leave this to the experts, like Pina. All Pina's work is of the Shabby Chic colour pallet, that have a romantic vintage feel. Pina paints on canvas, candles and signs that are from antique salvage timber, Please feel free to view her collection in my boutique under Pina's Vintage Rose please visit often as her collection grows. Right finally to to the lovely lady's that visited me and left comments on my last post, I want to thank you all for the heart warming comments you left, I am feeling alot better thank you, I think I'll just put it down to being over whelmed with alot of work or should I say slowing down to quick, you know when you are going fast at everything, making stock, finding stock, blogging, taking photos to uploading, phone calls, sorting out my publication for Country Home Ideas mag, house work, attending to garden, school for cherubs, dinners, husband and not to mention trying to get house completed as we might be selling My little Adeline Cottage....I took a small rest and found my self slowing down and hit a brick wall and began to cry that whole day, so out came the Secret read, read, read, and now I'm back on track.....hooray. I don't want to go back there again, I felt like I wanted to pack it all in.....this is hard work lady's how do you all do it, you all seem to have neat as a pin homes and still manage to make and add so many beauty's to your sites, I just have to leave my house work for one day and BOOM my house looks like a bomb has hit it......well I hope the estate agent can look pass all that to day when he comes.....hee, hee. I am hoping to get around to visit blogs in the next few day's, I'm going to leave you with a Note from my day to day Secret calendar by Rhonda Byrne, Tuesday 26th it quotes

To be in joy, take a few minutes each day and intentionally send love to everyone you know, and to the world. Really intensify the feeling of love and peace in your heart first, and then feel that love going out from your heart to everyone. The law of attraction matches the frequencies you send out, and will return the love to you multiplied. When applied deeply and correctly this exercise can completely change your life, and at the same time touch the lives of many....end quote.
Once again thank-you lady's it meant the world.




Alison Gibbs said...

Great post Kirstie,
Sometimes life does get too hectic and we need to sit back and have the occassional 'Me Time'. Good to hear you are feeling better.
The book from Karla and Beth's swap is gorgeous.
Live the Shabby Chic Japanese Temple Bird House- so pretty.
Pina's work is really lovely.
Take care.

Alicia ~ Time Worn Style said...

Hi Kirstie, so glad you are feeling better. I have to tell you my secret, all those photos of my neat as a pin home are the bits that I have shoved all the dirty washing, grubby dog, kids mess etc etc out of shot. If I took a picture of a full room, the bomb has hit here too. Oh no my secret is out lol!!
alicia ~ time worn style

Natasha Burns said...

Great to hear you are feeling better Kirstie!
Love the birdhouse, it is beautiful!
And Pina's work is so lovely, adore those hydrangeas!!!

white o'morn cottage said...

Glad to hear you are feeling better...and no, not all our homes are as neat as a pin (can't be -not when one is being creative!)

Linda said...

Hi Kirstie,
I just found your blog through Karlas bling your bird house. Wow what a wonderful job that you have done with yours, I'm sure any pretty birdies would love to call it home.
I also joined in on this challenge and had so much fun.
Cheers Linda

Linda said...

Hi Kirstie,
Silly me only just relised that we are a month early for our bling your birdhouse challenge, the party is on the 27th March so it looks like we will just have to party together, trust us Aussie girls to be a month early. Of cause you can add me but only if I can add you too.
Cheers Linda

Linda said...

Hi Kirstie,
It's me again. I'm just going to repost it or put a link or something in when the 27th March rolls around and here I was thinking all weekend that I must get the project finished on time.
Cheers Linda

Cathy said...

Adore you bling birdhouses. They are wonderful Kirstie. So pretty. You should sell these.

Anonymous said...

Thrilled to hear that you are feeling much better. I must say your birdhouse is just DEVINE!!! OMG how utterly beautiful is it. You have done an amazing job.

ShabbyInTheCity said...

Hello Kristie...I met you at Karla's :) I love your blog...and I've read down this many posts!

love of yellow roses said...

i think your rose icing cookies turned out very yummy looking. your birdhouse is gorgeous.

Siobhan said...

Hello Kristie, I love your birdhouse!!! VBery sweet!!!
Siobhan xo said...

Definately worth scrolling down to, plus I got to see a lot of other pretties on the way!!

bluemuf said...

Love your birdhouse and it was so much fun taking a tour of your site.


Marilyn said...

Hi, Kirstie! What a fun blog you have--I enjoyed visiting you and your birdhouse is wonderful!

Rachel Whetzel said...

What a YUMMY birdhouse!! Love your blog too!