Thursday, March 6, 2008

Sell, Sell, Sell , Baking Cookie

Well lady's the time has come, very sad moment for me, as I don't know if I really want to go through with selling My Adeline Home, I have spent the last two weeks painting the the carport and have you noticed my shutters are painted and back up beside the windows, and adding new plants to the garden, wow long time coming and now I have to sell, why is it we always do all this beautiful work when we want to sell our homes and drag our feet to finish it earlier so we can enjoy it for a while before we sell.....crazy! Ok the auction is on April the 19th, NOooooooooo it's to soooooooon Please let me enjoy it a little while long...... Guess what I can't, I had the real estate people over on Tuesday with all the paper work my hubby signed at ease, me on the other hand, well my hand was shaking did want to sign, I looked at Rob the real estate guy, and said to him now you are going to get us a good price aren't you, he replied, I do my best, and me being crazy as I am yelled loud back to him no you'll SHOW ME THE MONEY !! COME ON SAY IT WITH ME SHOOOW MEEE THE MOOONEEEY well hubby though I'd lost my marbles, and everyone couldn't stop laughing, Lucky for me Rob said it his favorite movie of all time, and never thought anyone would ever say this to him......LOL Well shutters are up as above and plants are growing beautifully as I turned all the soil over to make it look lush.......and had a few Malibu and cokes along the way as I was soooo jokes lady's!! I know Kirstie rhymes with thirsty, so we had a thirsty Kirstie....hee, hee, well it hot here, don't worry I mainly drank H20.
Now the above image is the porch leading to the front door, I have to say lady's I'm going to miss sitting out here have my first morning cup of tea, watching the beautiful butterflies flutter by actually why do they call them butterflies, there's no butter, why don't we call them flutterflies because that's what they do flutterby, Oh and the late night glass of wine when the weather is warm.....O my gosh I sound like a plonker, Malibu and cokes, glasses of wine, I reassure you I don't drink that much. Now the climbing rose, Pierre de Ronsard, I have been waiting for this thing to grow faster to train it to go around the pole, guess when it reached up pass my head, the last four weeks, Please let me see you in bloom before I leave here dear Pierre. Now did I tell you lady's the Adeline Street is a tree lined street when diving up you don't see alot of sky as the trees cover over the road like a canopy, spring through to summer you have a wonderful shade, Autumn, the Fall to Us lady's, you watch the leave change from green to yellow, orange/red to brown then fall off, leading up to winter you have this pinky orange hue mist through the leafless trees that make a wonderful drive to your door, I'll miss living here, so peaceful, so quite, with the occasional moan from the elderly home across the way...hee, hee
Looking out the back door from the kitchen, I enjoy sitting here as well, with all the drinks mentioned
Well here is my dear beautiful cute kitchen, shabby and bright and all things nice, can you smell the wonderful Karla's Sugarwings Sugar Rose Cookies, scroll down and you will see, well it's been a fantastic cottage kitchen.
And the wonderful warm cosy lounge room I have changed the style a little, it looks more like the top image than the bottom, the photo's for the estate add are a bit different, I'll post that soon when it sent to me. In winter the warmth in this room is amazing even though that little heater doesn't look like much, it punches out the heat, and the heat stays in the timber line walls, making it warm and cosy, many time I've snuggled up on the couch with a warm drink, watching a fav TV show, or fav Mag, I just love this room.

Ok Cooking, well last week both cherubs where home because of a teacher stop work meet, so I thought I'd spend the day in the kitchen with the girls, Maddi made chocolate cookies, I think she put more cookie dough in her mouth then rolling them into a ball.......are gotcha Maddi, you stole the cookie...hee, hee.

Sta wanted to ice up here cookies while I tried doing the roses from the Sweet Treats and Roses book thank-you Karla for your wonderful recipe with the roses, visit Karla's Cottage anyway this is the one Sta picked to do..........well look down they look nothing like roses.....Lol
Look at Karla's in the photo above, and look at mine what a mess, I think I'll leave them to Karla the Queen of icing roses, Sorry Karla for messing them up. I said to Sta mummy can't do the rose they look yuk, her reply was Oh mummy there beautiful they look like roses to me, can I give some to my teacher....OK....and thank darling for being so sweet, as long as you can see they look like roses, that's all that matters.
Oh my goodness I forgot I added this photo, what a bloody joke, I give bread makes a bad name...hee,hee, My hubby and girls gave me a bread maker for my birthday last year in October, and I hadn't had the chance to have it out of the box, until this day I thought how hard can it be, get it out of the box read the instructions and off you go. I don't know what happened, but to me it looks like the top of Areas Rock, well it felt like rock, actually if you turn your head on your left side it looks like some sort of screwed up face see the eye's and the nose and puckered lip's, back to the instructions I go, you know I make better bread in the oven, know wonder you see so many bread making machines on ebay, any takers, Sta and I tried to feed the Magpie {birds} even they wouldn't it must be bad, cause they eat everything!!
OK beautiful ones I must go, get back to making dinner, hope you enjoyed this post, please if you come for a visit leave a comment, I'm starting to get paranoid, so many hits and no comment, I kind of think maybe I'm not doing this right, or am I not interesting enough, let's face it we all love to have comments, it shoooows where being looooooved.......LOL
Chat soon lovelies


Alicia ~ Time Worn Style said...

Hi kirstie, I cant believe you are selling your cottage, are you still going to stay in the area?? Its looking beautiful. Had a huge laugh over the bread you made, yes I can see the face in it when turned sideways. I wonder if anyone else can or is it like those ink blots you test peoples mental capabilities with. Wonder if I pass ha!!
Alicia ~ time worn style
PS. must check out karlas recipie, it looks wonderful.

Natasha Burns said...

Hi Kirstie,
Oh that must be so sad - I can see why you wouldn't want to sell it, your cottage is beautiful!!! Keep us posted!
Oh with the bread, the first few times I made it, it was pretty ordinary. But I bought some product to add to the mix and can't remember what it was.... maybe a preservative. seemed to make the bread lighter. I used to make it all the time, now though i need all new ingredients, and that is just way too hard!
LOVE those biscuits you made, and of course they look like roses! great job!! said...

I think the girl's cookies are wonderful!! So pretty!

And so is your sweet cottage, good luck with that.

Alison Gibbs said...

Oh Kirstie it is always hard to sell a home you have put your heart and soul into.
It looks gorgeous.
Cute biscuits you and the girls made.
Have a great weekend.

white o'morn cottage said...

I'ts such a lovely cottage. Some lucky people will have a ready made home. What kind of home will you buy? Love the cookies. They do look like roses!..Pam

Anonymous said...

You are such a funny Gal!! I had a couple of good chuckles while reading your blog today!! I especially love the part where the maggies wouldnt even eat your bread, you poor thing!!
Hey Your cookies look great!! Not bad for a first time!! You dont give your self enough credit!!
Selling the Cottage I dont know how you can do it, it's just stunning!! And my FAV colour Blue!! YUMMO!!!
have a FANTASTIC weekend (what's left anyway!)

Utah Grammie said...

I just found your blog through White O'Morn and The Old Schoolhouse - and I'm glad I stoped by. I think your cookies are lovely! And your home, oh my. Beautiful. No wonder it's hard to sell. What a LUCKY buyer though. To think he or she (or they) will have this lovely cottage, complete with a history of love and attention!
Have a wonderful week..

She'sSewPretty said...

I can see why you would hate to leave your cottage. It is so cute and cozy. I'd buy it if you lived near me.


Hiya Kirstie, I found you via my sweetpea Mandii and just had to say hi. So...HIIIIIII.

oh man you had me wettin' myself laughing! If youre a plonker then i must be too...and i'll join you on your lovely porch for a drink anytime..make mine a Midori and OJ please. LOL.
Oh your lovely sad selling...been there done that, i know how you are feeling :(

Chin Up ! Good things come to those who wait !

Shann :)


Jennifer Paganelli said...

wow so glad I visited and its wonderful getting to know you..these rose cookies are the bomb!!!Your ideas are fab...all my best, Jennifer

The Tattered Rose said...

The rose cookies are lovely. When I first got my bread machine I called a toll free number in the instruction book and they told me how to fine tune the bread for my location. When I moved about 45 miles away I had to do it again. But it worked wonderfully well. If I remember correctly, it changed the order in which you put the ingredients into the mixer. Good luck