Monday, March 10, 2008


Ok Ladies this is it, I have something to ask all of you lady's, I'm calling on all Melbourne ladies and to whom ever can come to Melbourne, please come and riffle through my garage, to buy, stuff, and give aways to, nothing over $50.00. My hubby wont let me take it with me, and trust me my garage is a DBL garage full of antiques, vintage finds, lots of shabby chic and items that can be painted up shabby chic, cottage items, and selvage, now alot of these items arn't in the picture above there still down the garage would anyone be interested? Please spread the word around, and or send them my way, to make a time to visit and leave a comment and email to make a time to come any day of the week, I have 2 weeks or ASAP as people start viewing my home by next week sometime. As I said CALLING ALL LADIES, Now to the tip bits, dressing table, gentelmens cupboard, kid antique chairs in soft muted colours, bic-a-brac, loads of floral sauces (for mosiac's) glass wear, empty frames , pictures prints, etc, etc, you name it, It's here, NAME YOUR PRICE!!!! IT ALL HAS TO GO!!!! Oh plastic bottle on drive-way not included......hee, hee. No one leaves empty handed. Quick huuuuuurry contact me today!!!!!!
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just_charming_ said...

Hi Kirstie, I would love to come to your Garage Sale!!!! Can you let me know your address? Suzanne.

Alicia ~ Time Worn Style said...

Hi Kirstie, would love to come, always up for a garage sale. Do let me know where you are and I'm there (if not too far lol!!)
Alicia ~ time worn style

Anonymous said...

WOW what a collection!! When are u having your Garage Sale? I'll do my best to get there and fight the other gals for a shabby bargin!!


i wanna come too!
i am sulking now and will go drown my sorrows in one of our chosen alcoholic beverages LOL.

Boo Hoo Me


Utah Grammie said...

Dang - and I wanted that plastic bottle!

Seriously, if I were ANYWHERE near you I'd that drive over and shop, shop, shop. You have really neat looking things that I would just love to have.

Too bad it's such a L-O-N-G (not to mention WET) drive over!

Natasha Burns said...

So we can't get the plastic bottle??? drats!!! : )

(PS. Promise i will get to your email in the next couple of days, I am just getting back to visiting blogs tonight! But the good news is that all the wedding stationery is done!)

the old schoolhouse said...

hi kirstie love your blog am pea green with envy you see in ireland we dont have garage sales hope it goes well for you angie

Bek said...

I wish I lived in Melbourne.

Steve said...

Funny that you were a month early on your birdhouse. So fun looky...I wonder what a little girls tea set would look like on the roof? Glad you were at the BYB party. Joyce