Tuesday, March 18, 2008

No Frills

Ok it seems that no one wants to come to rummage boo hoo, My hubby is give me not much time is he, well today he told me he's bring in the big bin skip for Friday to throw all these wonderful items in the bin, so much for my business pushing forward if he's going to throw it all out on me, Don't worry I had the biggest cry yesterday and lost it like a crazy women, so rather bore you with my crying moments, and if I keep typing about it I'll start all over again, SO here goes on some stuff NO FRILLS I'll put the price if you want it you comment and leave your email, also the one's all over the shelve, in the baskets, and dish racks, click to enlarge, if you want something out or off them you need to tell me in detail or discribe to me which ones you want. Now if you want to Phone to come over please leave a comment, that you need phone number, as there is so much more that I have'nt taken photos of, like two good sets of snow ski's, antique dresser, chairs, old vintage tins and loads more Please be quick it is such a waste to be thrown in the bin......good on ya hubby!!! NOT HAPPY JANE!!!
Lamp shade, $15.00 or nearest offer
Shabby Shade $17.00 of nearest offer
So shabby small hair line crack $ 5.00 bucks SOLD Thank-you
All these bottle, small, med, large the lot for $ 20.00 bucks I didn't get all of them in the image it's half this dresser full below image shows from one side to this top image and then more, well over 25 bottles.
3 candle holders, paint them shabby $9.00
Tea Time $15.00 or nearest offer
Oh yummy shabbbby chhhhic saucers $ 1.00 each or the whole lot for $30.00 there is over 50 pieces. Sorry old Babys basenet (see can't even spell) sold allready EDIT
Actually the lady at the school where my girls go told me she dosen't want the baby's bassa so that is now available $20.00 bucks now thats a bargin. BASSA SOLD Thank-you
Basket and every thing in it, Try $ 20.00 Bucks SOLD Thank-you
everything on the rack for $8.00 if you want the rack I'll throw that in as well

where the frig do I begin here why don't you give $50.00 for the lot, that 4 shelves full do you want me to throw the shelves in to, well I will do that to.
I don't no, who come first to visit me and leaves the first comment You Lucky lady can have it for free...oh sorry you can't have my girls little chairs staked in the cornerand the little wooden table this front box is sitting on but everything else it your FREEEEE!
Bedside table one of my painted designs with rose draw nob $14.00 bucks
Yeah the toilet chair told you no frills big blurb to make it fancy, $20.00 Bucks SOLD thank-you
old school desk sorry about the box on it but guess what you can have this for $25.00. make and offer with the glass bowl on a stand under the desk.
Well lady's that's it, don't forget there is much much more to many to add but it all has to move I have cut my prices like no ones business and how much it saddens me but it has to go, Blog lady's please, please, please I don't want to beg but I will anyway, hee, hee Please leave your comment and ask for my number you wont be sorry if you come to my house, tomorrow 20th March and 21st friday as thats the day he is throwing it in the bin and then if hubby has left anything well if I can stash it I will for 25th Tus, 26th Wed, 27th Thur next week.
ok lovely lady's going to sulk now.
STRESS COTTAGE LADY boo, hoo, boo, hoo


Alison Gibbs said...

Just wished we lived a bit closer or I'd be over to check it out.

Linda said...

Hi Kirstie,
Man I wish that I lived closer, I can't beleive that your husband is going to throw some of that wonderful stuff out.
Cheers Linda


ARGHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH my frustratuion is HUGE. I wanna that chair, the desk, the table, lots and lots. Tell hubby i said drive em to me in sydney and i will take the lot!! HA HA HA. Oh you poor thing...i would cry my eyes out to see that stuff get hauled away....
hubbys are bad.....grrrrr bad hubbys :(
oh and the little pink pot with the roses..me wanna that too!

curse curse curse.


white o'morn cottage said...

Lovely stuff. I hope the ladies of Melbourne get on over there to save them from the skip! Happy Easter!...love Pam

Penny @ Lavender Hill Studio said...

Hi Kirstie!
I wish I lived near you! I would buy many of your items....

Have a wonderful Easter

Anonymous said...

Oh No!! I just found your blog and I cannot believe i've missed out all this gorgeous stuff!! I would have taken all those bottles you had. Please let me know if for some reason you have anything left. Regards Kim, kibol14@yahoo.com.au