Saturday, March 29, 2008

Night out with the Gal's at Alpino's

My Girl friends and I went out for dinner on Firday night down Lygon Street, busyest Restaurant strip in Melbourne, had many other photo's but they all turned out blured and no it wasn't from drinking to much, althought you would think so in the last image, Now we had not planned to go to this restaurant, we where ment to go to the one next door but the owner was out the front stopped us and offered us a free bottle of wine if we ate at his place, so who are we to refuse a free bottle of wine, and not to mention another one at half price I had the avocado chicken mmmm delish, had alot of laughs, fun was had by all. Allthough for dinner was only Helen, Lisa and myself and Janene showed up later, as Lisa wanted to go out after, I know I sound like and old fart getting home at midnight, but I had to prepare the house, for the open house inspection the next day, so I needed to have my beauty sleep and trust me I need alot of that, and take pretty pills too, give me the whole dame bottle!

Ok from left to right Me, Lisa, Janene and Helen
Lisa started to get a little naughty in the end, chatting up our waiter, he said his name was Mikey but well he lied, and made us guess where he was from which the gals and I where trying to guess all night, we gave up in the end can you believe he is Lebonese, never would have guessed that, But I must say Lisa for a joke said he was, and we all laught at her, sorry darling you where right we should not have laught at you!!!!! Lisa I've just noticed you naughty thing you have your tongue hanging out, ohooooo you flirty girl to Mikey who's taking our photo.Helen I know you thought he was a cute boy of only 20.
and I look like here I'd had to much, no lady's just caught me at the wrong time I say...hee, hee.
So may question is to LJ did you go back to see him...hee, hee. This I need to find out. Lots more I could tell but the convo went alittle dirty thanks to LJ and Janine and there dirty photo's on the mobile (cell ) phones so thing got to rude to say here! Thanks Girls I had a fantasic night of food, drink, laughter and friendship!


Alison Gibbs said...

Kirstie sounds like you had a fun night with the girls. It's great to get out and let your hair down every now and then
Hope the Open for Inspection went well

the old schoolhouse said...

glad to hear you had a good night i just got back from a week away with my sister,white o morn had a blast back to work tommrow bye for now angie said...

Look at you, you are a cute little girl!!

There is nothing like a night out with buddies, is there?

Anonymous said...

Looks like you all had an awesome time!! It's always great to catch up with friends!!
p.s Im loving the hat!! Im BIG on hats!!

Natasha Burns said...

Looks and sounds like you girls had a hilarious fun time! hope the open house went well for you!

Siobhan said...

Hi Kirstie, Looks like a fab night! I always love getting out to Lygon when we can.
Siobhan xo