Thursday, March 27, 2008


Ok Lady's it finally here I had posted this one mth to early, Karla & Beth's Bling Your Birdhouse, you can view my Birdhouse at this link: oh no My link wont work Oooh I still don't no how to hide the link yet, and just have click HERE, oh well I'm just alittle folks are dumb, it's like Pantene, it wont happen over night but it will happen.....hee, hee. HEY, HEY, don't get distracted, I know you've just seen the Rachel Ashwell's DVD release cover in my side bar you can read and click on that later and not until after you've read everything here lady's. Sorry lady's you will need to scroll way down to view my Blinged Birdhouse don't worry it's not that far down, Anyway getting back to it, Also please go and visit the beautiful lady's Karla & Beth that are putting on Bling Your Birdhouse, & they have some wonderful things going on there with there birdhouse and also giving some don't forget to go to my link to view my Blinged Birdhouse, I will sell mine if anyone is interested, for $45.00, sorry I only have be quick!!!!

OK Midge & Judy have arrived in my boutique with there wonderful children's line, there will be items upload in the up coming weeks in my shop so please come visit, a sneaky peep image below.

Cowboys and Indians cot quilt.

More of Pina's lines will be also added to my boutique in the upcoming weeks also, so please visit their as well.

Now as you know things have been crazy here, I haven't been able to make any tags lately, but have some amazing designs in my head that is bursting to come out, so hopefully when these crazy house inspections finish I can get on top of those, Yesterday I had a building inspection, yahoo structurally sound and pest free, We have a dinner party at friends tonight, I have an open house inspection tomorrow at 5:00pm to 5:30pm, Dinner with girlfriends Friday night, 4 of us go out once every 2mths to catch up so that's going to be fun, you may have heard Lygon st Carlton, the best restaurant strip in Melbourne is where we are going so if I remember to take the camera I'll take so pic's and post it for you to see.

OK Angelina my stock arrived safely thank-you, your work is just divine, you can visit Angelina, she is listed in My Pantry (blog roll).

Now to my last post frantic mess I was, thanks to many of you that left a comment, saying that you wished you live in Melbourne to save me from throwing it out, But guess what good news my tantrum throwing worked as hubby let me keep all of it and said lets just do a big tidy up to make it look neat, but he did say as long as you sell it before we move, well that works for me, feeeeweeeh SAVED!!!!! so what I may do is start listing them in batches if no one wants to buy them how I've listed here on my blog, that way they will be smaller easier to send them through the post. Also have the cherubs home on school holidays "Break" for 2 weeks as well so lots of entertaining there. Oh lady's of Australia my first ad in Country Home Idea's is in this issue on page 132, and next issue will have the review, so go have a little look at that all very exciting for me and will post that soon!

Well I hope each and every one of you had the most amazing Easter with family and friends, and you received lots and lots of Chocolate, I didn't even get one, just one lonely little one I would of been happy with, as I don't know if I told you I try to eat a family Block a night I feel like I've been deprived from my Easter special..... oh well I'll just have to steal some of my I just remembered in a few weeks I have Easter again YEAH!!!! Greek Easter, maybe I'll get some chockie eggs there, my fingers are crossed, like hot crossed buns..hee, hee.

Have to love and leave you for now, work to do!



Ps Don't forget to scroll down to see my Blinged Birdhouse.


Alison Gibbs said...

Oh Kirstie so much to do and have open for inspection as well. It is always strssfull having your house on the market.

Anonymous said...

hi there Kirstie,
Things have been MAD around here and I never got a chance to repsond about coming over. I'm so sorry about that! Where are you going to start listing things? I love the little pink pot with the flowers on it, did u sell that yet? Can you let me know where you are listing and I shall check things out for sure!! I would still love to come over one day though.
Boy o Boy you certainly have a Mega busy week!! made me tired just thinking about it, but dinner with the Girls now that sounds AWESOME!!

Natasha Burns said...

oh my goodness Kirstie you have your hands full!!!! So many things to do!!
Enjoy your dinner in Lygon St, lots of great places to eat there.

Linda said...

Hi Kirstie,
Yeah it's finally here, It seems like the past month has taken forever to get here and yet I never seem to have enough hours in the day to get everything done. Sounds like you have a busy week planned, and great news your husband is giving you more time to sell everything. I am going to do a post later today or tonight with my birdhouses I have even managed to make another one it is almost finished.
Cheers Linda


ok i cant believe you posted your bird house a month too early LOL you dag ! So funny! Was there any beverages involved with that mishap? yeah you know what im talking about *wink*.
hey hands off Mandii i want that lil' pot thingy! cheeky rat bag she is :)

ANYHOO luvvie i do/did adore your birdhouse of course. You did a very pretty job.

Chat soon busy gal

Luv Shann xo

Siobhan said...

Hi again Kirstie, I didnt relize you were a Melbourne girl...have fun at Lygon we are off for dinner tonight there too.
Im off to add you to my favs so I visit you in the future.
Siobhan xo