Thursday, March 27, 2008

OH I Had Fun Today!

Boy did I have fun today, Mandii and Jude can over today to have a rummage through my stuff, we had some laughs and got alittle dusty, these ladys are a scream I'm so glad I got to meet Mandii, posting comments between us for alittle time now and finally got to meet! Thanks Mandii I hope you had fun and enjoy your little or should I say lots of treasures you found, Mandii was also in heaven when she walked in my Kitchen, don't worry Mandii if I ever decide to get rid of some of my things in my kitchen you will be the first I'll
Mandii and I above, gee I really look so attractive today, I think I really need a make over after looking at myself here!! and Mandii thinking yeah girlfriend fix yourself up and what are you doing wearing hubbys clothes and puts some make-up on while your at it....hee, hee. If you haven't meet this lady yet you should, she is beautiful, happy, bubbley and warm natured, you are welcome here anytime!
Jude and Mandii have a rummage! Jude from Midge and Judy's, is so much fun I have had the pleasure for the last few weeks dealing with here and her sister Michelle, with organizing Midge and Judy's childrens line, Jude and I could talk, chat, talk, chat all day most of the time we have to say I really must go and then another 15 mins goes by, and another...hee, hee. and Michelle she is my spelling police and corrects me with all the spelling mistakes I make hmmmmmm lets see how many Michelle finds in this post, thanks, so if you haven't been to my boutique please do to see there Childrens line they are just beautiful, and there's more stock arriving soon once my girls go back to school and I can get on top of it.
Jude with her treasures, hope you enjoy them and I hope you had fun too?
Mandii, Mandii, Mandii yooooour in trouble girrrl.....lot of lady's wanted that pink rose pot....soooooo you rub it in
I have to laugh Mandii you look like you have just won a grammy award, and I like to thank Kirstie for having me over and I'd like to thank you for the cup of tea you made and I like to thank blogger for how we meet and I really like to thank-you all for leaving a comment, thank-you, thank-you xxxx....ha, ha, ha, ha.


Alicia ~ Time Worn Style said...

Hi Kirstie, so so sorry I wasnt able to catch up and have a rummage too. School holidays and one thing and another have thrown me completely out of wack time wise!! Looks like I would have had to rugby tackle Miss Mandii for the goodies in any case. That last photo is a crack up for sure!! Hope you are still talking to me
Alicia ~ time worn style

Anonymous said...

Sweetie!! Sweetie!! where do I start?? I had an absolute blast today!! And so did master Cooper too!! He hasnt stopped talking about his two new friends. Your gals are just beautiful and I must say they take after their goregous mum!! You are a total sweetie and Im so happy to call you a friend!!
That last picture looks so funny!!I'll put some Snaps on my blog of my treasures next post, have already hung up the white metal plates on the wall in a perfect spot!


OH NOOOOOOOOOO tell me it isnt so, please please tell me she DID NOT take that little pot!!!
oh i need air, i cant breathe.....

Oh Mandii, why why why ????

I feel faint....

Anonymous said...

Give her some air Give her some air,everybody step back, breath Shann breath Shann!!
I think she's coming around,
Thanks goodness for that!!What would we do with her?
Shann I shall think of you everytime I look at it!! But should you come and visit I think I may need to hide it?

Siobhan said...

Hi Kristie, Looks like you all had a fantastic time! You have some beautiful treasures.
Siobhan xo

Siobhan said...

Hey Kirstie,
Were you at Little Lygon? We went to Cafe Corretto...the one with Ferrari's all over the place!! My son is MAD on Ferrari plus the food is amazing! Cant wait to see your pics.
Siobhan xo said...

thanks so much for your kind comment and for joining in on our party!!

Pearl Maple said...

Rummage sales are the best fun, you never know what treasures you will find or the people you might meet, all with the most interesting stories to tell.