Wednesday, April 2, 2008

How Beautiful!!!!

Hello Lady's, just a short post today, this week new items will be added to my boutique there is lots to show but I'm only going to show two images today, this one below painted by Pina is going to be hard to let go I just Love it so much, to view the whole image to see what it is painted on, you'll have to go to my boutique, then you will understand why it will be hard!!!
Cot quilts form Midge & Judy's Collection, just beautiful, I think I need to have another bubby so I can have some of these quilts, So lady's come an visit, the listings will start tonight as this is the only chance I get these day's is at night time, while my cherubs are still on school break.So thank-you for visiting, if your not shaw how to get to my Boutique scroll to the top of this page, on the right hand side you'll see Visit My Boutique click on link there this will take you straight there!
Ok must go now, lots to clean up after the huge wind storm yesterday, as I have and open house inspection today at 5.00pm, how's this my for sale sign out the front of my house, was picked by the wind yesterday and thrown over the fence, the heavy arch with the wisteria growing over it was picked up and thrown towards the front fence, can you believe this my girls where only playing there half hour before this, Thank-you Helen for inviting us over, other wise my girls may have been still playing there in the wind, while I was looking around making shore nothing was going to damage to house, I know the girls should have been inside but they refused, can you believe it they said they where scared inside, we want to be with you mummy, so I gathered them and took them inside and that's when Helen rang, so once again Helen thank-you!!!!!!
If I get the chance I'll add more images of the day after the wind storm.
Chat Soon!!!!


Anonymous said...

hey there chickie, hurry up and list those new items!! I wanna see that gorgeous artwork!
Oh and the girls are welcome to come and visit anytime!


Hey luvvie i went and had a peek and i couldnt find that artwork...aww havent you done it yet??? LOL get a move on ok. Stop chattin to Mandii and get to work.

kisses n hugs,

Linda said...

Hi Kirstie,
Sounds like you have had a bit of trouble with those high winds I have been hearing about on the news, I hope that there is not too much damage. I just had a sticky beak at your Boutique, you mustn't of had time yet to list that handpainted item can't wait to see what it is.
Cheers Linda

Siobhan said...

What a windy say we had!!! I walked out front to find 4 standard roses fallen over...well...I rushed to save them like crazy...lucky they were ok. The wond was amazing!!!
Love your new treasures.
Siobhan xo

Anonymous said...

HI Kirstie,
Just popping by to say HI, loving the things in your boutique. Pity I live so far away, would have loved to come over & go through all of the things in your garage!
Sarah xx

Cathy said...


Your website is beautiful and so is everything in it. JUST LOVELY.

I wish you Aussie ladies lived here in the U.S. so we could all get together and play.

Cath ~ treasuredheirlooms

Sugar Bear said...

Lovely colors. The painting is beautiful.

Anonymous said...

Hey chickie!! Thanks for the well wishes of congrats!! Will email you shortly

Marina Capano said...

Lovely colors. The painting is beautiful. all so cute! regards from Argentina

Gail McCormack said...

Oh yes it was so windy in Melbourne last week...very scarey! Love your new items, the painting of the cake is fabulous, I bet it'll be hard to let that one go, I think Pina has done a fantastic job, I've noticed lots of different versions of cakes on scrolly stands with roses on the top, Pina's version would have to be one of my favs I think!!

Alison Gibbs said...

Oh what pretties. I am just home and checking a few of my fav. blogs.

Pearl Maple said...

How beautiful, always enjoy visiting your blog space to see what new treasures you are sharing with us all.

Donna Layton said...

Wind is a scary thing. So glad the girls stayed safe. Love all the pretties!