Friday, September 4, 2009

A Birthday Today

Well today is my darling beautiful husbands birthday, this is one of my favorite photo's of him that was taken on our wedding day......Oh honey you look to handsome, hee, hee. So I decided
to do a little post just for you my sweet, as you are working all day today.
To my dear husband,
I love you with all my heart, you are my rock, my soul mate, and will love and share each birthday with you for all eternity, Happy Birthday My Darling!!!!
Happy Birthday Daddy!!!!!
I love you, you are the best daddy in the world, from Sta
To Daddy,
you are the best dad in the world, you always make me laugh when I'm down, and that's how much I love you, I wish you a Happy Birthday!!!!! from Maddi
Love you with all our hearts,
Kirstie, Maddi & Sta XXXXXXXXXXXXX


Natasha Burns said...

Happy birthday daddy! enjoy father's day tomorrow too!!

Alison Gibbs said...

Hope he had a wonderful day.
Saturday is my hubby's birthday. So close to Father's Day for them both!!

Elise said...

Just wanted to stop by to say how much I enjoyed reading this post & to say hello. You have a great blog and really interesting photo's too. Best wishes and thank you for sharing...

Traci said...

What a wonderful post! Hope he had a nice bday. Traci

Anonymous said...

Hi Kirstie,
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Hope this helps.

Marie Antionette said...

Happy Birthday to your husband, and many more.You really have a wonderful blog .
I came over from Natasha Burns blog to check out the teacup candles.
They are just gorgeous.XXOO Marie Antionette
PS hurry on over ,its not to late to get in on my givaway.The drawing is tomorrow the 25 of Sept.

Easy 2 Me said...

Happy birthday to your husbands from me

Val Zdero said...

I love your blog :D - happy b-day to your hubby!