Friday, August 14, 2009

House Hunt

Ok today the girls and I decide to go to a couple of house inspections, as we are thinking about buy a house, the street we went done OMG this street was full of cottages, ohhhhhh, arrrrrrr, they where all just stunning, all I could here from the back seat, "I want to live in that house, no this house OMG to many to choose from" I had a little chuckled to myself, think gee I thought I was, now there is only one of these we went to inspect, the rest are dreamers. This one here you could only get glimpse of it through the tree's, beautiful white cottage, loving the hint of pink blooms, while resting in the lush green surroundings,

Loving this one little miners cottage, mind you every one of these houses bar 1 are mostly all in a row,

Now this I could live in, loving the wrap around veranda, the fact of it being cute and small looking from the front, then you notice that it is a two storey.

Now ladies the worst house in the best street this is the house the girls and I went to inspect, now I looked passed the old smell and the dirtiness of the inside and not to mention the original furniture that every shabby girl dreams of finding I wanted to take it all home, anyway I pictured it all painted white on the inside and out, it had the old original doors and handles, the kitchen was like stepping way back to your 1960's and very small almost like the size of a small bathroom, the whole house was painted in a cream, and as I said before very dirty, I wish I could have taken images, to show you how much work that needed to be done, not to mention the bits that can be turned into gorgeous shabby items. If I get a chance I'll go back for a second look and see if I could take some images,

Now this GOORGEOUS is this little treasure she was hiding around the corner, while waiting for the inspection to start we drove around to see other houses in the streets near by, when we drove up the street OMG we all said, "HELLO I LIVE HERE" I said to my girls, I noticed there was a gentleman in the front painting, so I said to my girls I'm going to ask if I could take a photo of there house, so I called him to the fence and asked if I could take a photo, then explained how I would like to put it on my blog, also asked if he knew what a blog was, and much to my surprise he said yes, his wife blogs, he called for his wife, well we had a wonderful chat exchanged blog addresses and here I am posting about it, NO seriously what are the odds of that happening, finding a co blogger, by stopping at there house to take a photo, well I must say
Lesley the owner of the house has not been blogging long, but my goodness her blog is beautiful you must stop by and read everything, I loved everything and added her to my Pantry straight away. Make sure you go and visit, Life At Number 10 you wont be disappointed.
Now my image here dose not do this little Cutey any justice, All the house is pure white, and beautiful magnolias trees in bloom set the setting, of what's to come on the inside.

Just another dream home behind all the garden.

and this one teal and pale blue, this one is another keeper.

and my list of dream homes keep getting bigger,

Now this one I think for me I'd need to remove some of those trees from the front and open it up more, and I probably change the colourway to a soft cream with white trims/highlights to match the fence of course.
Well ladies must get going, house work before going out to dinner tonight with some loved ones.
Hope you all have a wonderful weekend.


Pearl Maple said...

You are right, too much temptation for us cottage loving girls, so much to choose from in one street too. Hope you have fun with your research!

Pearl Maple said...

You are right, too much temptation for us cottage loving girls, so much to choose from in one street too. Hope you have fun with your research!

Alison Gibbs said...

Kirstie what great houses. Perfect idea to buy the worst house in the best street and turn it into your own little piece of heaven.

Anonymous said...

Wow how spoilt for choice are you girls....Those cottages are just gorgeous. All very unique in their own special way, and this is a good thing.
Good luck with the search for 'the one'.

Florence and Mary said...

Hi, thank you so much for stopping by to visit once again and glad you found my new home!

What a coincidence finding another blogger! My friend has only just started blogging, started chatting to a blogger from Venice where she has a holiday home and they met only last week!!!

Victoria xx

pamperedgirl38 said...

I'm not allowed to house hunt anymore! I fall in love too easy! What adorable cottages!! Traci

The Rose Room said...

How exciting Kirstie and they are also so liveable looking! Rachaelxo

Pink and Pretty Designs said...

omg! those cottages are adorable!! what suburb is this??
sheryn xo