Sunday, August 16, 2009

Pretty In Pink.......

Well this is only going to be a quick one today, need to dash off to pick up cherubs from school,

I took these images back in June, as that's when I finally found my own Little Adeline Dress Form, so I got to work dressing her all up for a photo shoot, some many vintage treasures I have found along the way, originally I bought all these lovely vintage necklaces to sell, which I still might but at this stage, I'm loving Miss Adeline wearing them.

I thought about trying to clean and get some of the stains out of her but once I dressed Adeline, I loved how the different toning of the vintage fabric she stays dirty.....naughty have a
with this dress form there are holes in the front and sides so you can turn and in large the form to the size dress you want to make, at first I didn't like that idea....but dress forms are very hard to find so who am I to complain.....

I put a peony rose in the hole to cover it up for this shoot....

And finally I added a vintage apron that I found at an opp shop, (thrifty shop) gorgeous colour don't you think....I think I'll be keeping this one....

And I still haven't found out about my favorite rose, I am determined to find out what the name of this rose's driving me crazy.... I want to grow these but how can I when I don't know what to ask for....All the shop could tell me is that they are STANDARD ROSES but surely they have a name.....Does anyone know!!!!!!!!
Ok told you it was a short one!
Hope you have a wonderful day.


Alison Gibbs said...

Hope you find out the name of the beautiful rose. Maybe if you went to The Greenery Nurery in Baksia Street Heidelberg they could tell you. That's not far from where you are. I love your Dress Form.

GEORGIA said...

Hi Kirstie,
Thank you for visiting my blog and following me! I love your dress form!!
And of course the gorgeous pink rose..
wish I knew the name, too!

Come for a visit anytime!!
Grandma G's

The Rose Room said...

Hi Kirstie, she is lovely and I love how you have adored her with layers of jewels! I wouldn't want to be selling them... just yet...anyway! Rachaelxo

Natasha Burns said...

Hey dear, did you take the rose to a nursery, or did you buy it from a florist or something? If it wasn't a nursery, take it to one, they would probably be able to tell you.
LOVING your beautiful dress form all dolled up! You're lucky I ended up finding one or yours might just be whisked away next time I was over!

Pearl Maple said...

Miss Adeline is looking beautiful dressed with all her jewels.

Good luck in identifying your favorite rose, she is a pretty little thing. Where are all the good rose experts when you need them?

shabbydreaming said...

ohhhh she looks lovely!!!