Thursday, August 20, 2009

How Pretty!!!

Ok ladies today I have sent and email to HQ where I bought theses beautiful roses, they told me that they will ask there supplier the name of them, once I find out I will let all of you know what they are called!!!!

and this is my lounge room looking through to the dinning room, I was meant to show this awhile back, actually I think I took this a week before the big fires we had here in Melbourne, I remembered because of the flowers on display here, dried out in two days, which was amazing, I never thought flowers could dry out so quickly....I kept some of them and they are still on display today, I'll show them another time. But I also must admit there room has been changed around to since. Please don't enlarge you see all the yukky stuff down through the back door where I store things for my shop......LOL and hubby is not happy about that either.....heehummm sorry honey.

Oh my beautiful millinery hats, love them whole, bought them to pull apart to get the flowers, but can't bring myself to do that....there just toooooooo pretty. Oh I just realised I have forgotten two other shades of pink millinery hats, hmmmm where is my head lately, I would forget my head if in it wasn't screwed

Pretties taking a bath, I just loved the whiteness of the soapy bubbles with beautiful colours of the teacups, looks gorgeous don't you think?

And now to the perfect Shabby colours, I went to my local paint supplier, with a little drop of this and a little drop of that we came up with the perfect Shabby Chic colour pallet.
Soon as I got them home I couldn't wait I had to crack the cans open to have a look and take a photo, ok the image was taken at the wrong time of the day, to get that right sun light, to show them of better. But arn't they beautiful!!!

I hope there was lots of eye candy there for you, as it was for me.
Hope you all have a wonderful weekend and find loads of Shabby treasures!!


Inn Country said...

Hi Kirstie, I love your roses they are a really pretty pink. I would love to have roses growing in my garden but I have a tropical garden lots of palms etc, maybe the next house we have! Have a beautiful weekend Lisa

Alison Gibbs said...

What beautiful roses Kirstie. Mmm.. definitely yummy shabby chic paint
Have a great weekend

shabbydreaming said...

loving that paint babe!! yoiu werent wrong were ya!!

The Rose Room said...

Nice, love your china soaking! Its funny but I love washing my newly found vintage linens or china but never get the same pleasure from doing ordinary household items! Rachaelxo

Elise said...

Wonderful post - gorgeous pinkness everywhere ! Beautiful roses.

Well done - great blog and thank you for sharing.

Best wishes

Anonymous said...

Hi Kirstie,
Love those roses, great colour & perfect shape.
So what are you planning to paint with those lovely colours?

Sugar Bear said...

Gorgeous color palate Kristie! And the roses are divine. Fresh roses are just the best. Your lounge room looks so cozy and comfy - I wish I could curl up with a book!

Zita - Mlle Magpie said...

Kirstie, I ADORE your paint colours - they are simply gorgeous! May I ask what brand of paint they are mixed in?

Heather ~Pretty Petals said...

Hi Kirstie... your loungeroom looks so pretty... love all of those shabby paint colors too!

Your little cups taking a bath is the cutest picture. xoxo Heather

Mrs.Thornton said...

i absolutely love the paint colors! i'm in the process of moving into a new apartment and have been confused over many paint swatches...and those are the colors exactly i am looking for :)