Friday, May 30, 2008

My First Tag.

I'm so excited this is my first Tag,

I have been tagged by the lovely Linda to answer the following questions about myself,

1: What was I doing 10 years ago?

Well where do I start hmmmmm ok, My hubby and I where living in Warrigul, we owned a business/running a shop called Warrigul Chicken Bar, I also was painting up furniture Shabby Chic and ceramics in my spare time and selling them.

2: Five things on my to do list?

1: Enroll my girls in dance classes

2: Start packing (as we are moving)

3: Clean my house as a bomb looks like has hit it

4: Make more craft items

5: Open shop

3: Snacks I enjoy?

A family block of chocolate a night.

And comfort food Mac and cheese.

4: Things I would do if I was a Millionaire?

Give some away, family & Charity's,

Buy our dream home,

and bring Adeline Country Cottage to every major department store to near

5: Places I have lived?

Many places in Melbourne to many to mention, Canberra

and Hamilton Island Queensland.

So there you have it lady's five little things about myself, now for me to tag 5 people.

1: Alicia

2: M :)

3: Marina

4: Victoria

5: Jenn

Ok ladies I hope you are going to play, actually I think I've picked from five different countries, lets see how far we go.

Must go for now, hope you all have a fantastic weekend.



Tuesday, May 20, 2008

What do you like best of your home decoration?

Ok today our beautiful friend Marina is hosting a party, What do you like best of your home decoration? I know alot lot of you may have seen some of these images before, but I haven't had the chance to update them, so here goes.I love my little country kitchen, its quite small as I love collecting everything Shabby and chic and cottage looking, I also have a few Greek painting thought my home as my hubby being Greek, and I love the blue from the sky to the blue painted Greek domes on the top of their churches, so I've tryed to incorporate that, in the kitchen here with the blue crystal cut knobs on the kitchen dresser, the Moroccan glass wear, Greek painting on top of the dresser, to the blue planter on the Island bench, there is other little blue kitchen wear through out the kitchen but out of range,
moving into the living room blue hydrangeas are displayed while the two arm chairs have been covered in blue roses on a pale blue background fabric, to cover a ugly yet not in my colour pallet fabric, the 40 year old rug given to us by my hubby's father, has flecks of blue through the beautiful design, with blue throw cushions on the couch, I just love the way the sun pours through the french doors in the mid morning,

The antique blue door mirror hanging on the back wall is my favorite mirror, my husband brought this for me for my birthday a few years back, there is a story behind that mirror, my girlfriend owned and antique shop when we were living in Warrigul about a hour and 20 mins out of Melbourne, country side, I loved that mirror and I kept telling my hubby I really want it, he told me at the time it was to pricey, weeks went by still visiting my friend and one day I walked in there and saw a sold sticker on it, I said to my friend OMG you sold it she said what I said the mirror, so calm she was yeah I sold it yesterday, my heart was shatted, 3 weeks later it way birthday, hubby sent me home 2min walk, to pick-up some things for our shop, and I thought it was strange, we where living in a 50-60 year old inn with about 35 or more rooms, he sent me to a room that we only stored house hold boxes in it, the phone rang while I was there it was hubby did you find it he's saying to me, what I said back to him, well you can imagine my surprise when I opened the door, I screamed with excitement so load I nearly burst his ear drums, you sod I told him you let me believe all this time I missed out on this there's the little storey to that Now to my little cute rose scented soap cupcakes that I make, I haven't made these for a while now, I use to sell these on eBay, I think I need to start making them again, to put them on my site.
and also my cottage rose scented soap cakes, hmmmmm why did I stop making these? I think I'm going to start making them again to sell, I use to sell lots, yes that's it I'm going to start them again.

Ok I hope you enjoyed visiting my What do you like best of your home decoration? thank-you for stopping by, and thank-you Marina for a great party, now it's time for me to come over to your home, see you soon make shaw you have tea and cakes I'm really hungry!



Party Time

Ok ladies its party time, on Thursday, May 22nd, our dear friend Marina at Only Cute Things is having a virtual party,
What do you like best of your home decoration?
You can show anything you like, A whole room, a whole house or just a close up of something special to you or one handcraft made yourself.
So on THURSDAY, MAY 22nd come and join in all you need to do is visit Marina and leave a comment to say you will be there.

so I'll see you all there, it's going to so much fun!

ps: OMG, OMG, OMG I did it, I did it, my first link without showing the link I'm so excited I worked it out all on my own, aren't you proud of me, If you could see me now I'm dancing around to room, I did it, I did it a yeah yeah know, I know I'm crazy right...hee, hee.

Saturday, May 17, 2008

I'm Back

Ok I'm back, long time waiting,

First of all I want to thank each and everyone of you beautiful lady's for your well wishes, they all meant alot to me. Now the visit to the hospital visit went really well, results came back, as I have had heartburn for the last two years, I was alittle worried that the acid may have caused some damage, while waiting wondering what it was going to be, ulcers, the C word, nothing like that, clean bit of health there, but did say I have anxiety, and that I need to relax alot and not stress out, and not to worry about house work for a while....Yeah right, So to destress myself I've stayed away from blogging and drop alot of smaller things for awhile, which has been quite hard, after selling our house No I haven't started backing yet, I have had my daughters party to organize, Greek Easter no I'm not Greek hubby is, make new stock, take my girls to friends parties, find and contact wholesalers, and paint shop tell you about that bit alittle later, awwwwww I'm just tied just thinking about it, and my house.... trust me looks like a bomb has it who can work in such a mess, not me that's for after all that my time has been spent listening to relaxation music, having massages, and having my hair down on Tuesday...yeah for that as I'm looking like and old bag right

Ok now I'd like to share my daughter Anastasia's Birthday Party with you!

Cupcake theme is what was asked for this year, so I was sitting out side having a cupper looking at all the rubbish piled in the corner, trying to think cupcakes for this party, I had a brain wave two hanging wire pots where just thrown in that corner of rubbish sitting how you see them in the above picture, I screamed cupcake and run and grab the wire pots and got to work, threading the chain so it sat right, wire the two together, threaded scrap piece of shabby rose fabric, lace doyle for the icing, added a rose and beaded butterfly and whola...we have this beautiful cupcake to hang near the party table,
which lead me to this one, another hanging pot, painted pink, large rounded piece of foam from a chair, covered and tucked rose fabric, knitted trim, paper flowers and glittered feather leaves, another one finished to hang for the party.
Some sugar fix for the children to go on the party table, which half of it was forgotten to be put out, the children where more interested in the BBQ cooking out side.

Now to the cake I made, How beautiful did my cupcake turn out, I'm so proud of my self, I must confess, I was inspired by Natasha's cupcakes, but you could eat theses ones, and let me just say they went down so well the children loved them and all the mum's wanted to keep them for them self' and to my surprise they tasted fantastic.......can I join the cupcake club now.....hee, hee.

Everyone sing happy birthday, I just realized I didn't get a full shot of the party area, there was a timber chandelier hanging in the center with vine leaves twisted around it, lace hanging, with butterflies and cupcakes hanging......oooohh where is that image!

all the children waiting for the wizard to set up they are so excited, lady's of Melbourne if you have not seen Manny the wizard you must his magic trick are just unbelievable, he even have the parents fooled and amazed!! I did film one of the tricks but I ran out of upload space on my PC it's still on my camera, maybe later I can show this to you, but anyway, not only that he plays games with children and face paints, for the price you pay he is well worth your money. Manny the Wizard and AnastasiaAnastasia and her little friend Jordan! she keeps telling me he is her boyfriend and I say no he is your cute!

Ok so there is alittle with what I've been up too.....once again thank-you lady's for your well wishes.....oh I forgot it's been 8 day's now and no heartburn....I'm going to start making my way around your blogs soon, hope you all are well!

Chat soon!