Tuesday, December 18, 2007

New Christmas Cheer

Well today I thought I'd add a few images I took after, after making a new display of my village in my kitchen, I so love these little houses, I think I'll need to find some friends that can send some raw ones so I can decorate them myself......any one that would like to sell me some please e-mail or blog me PLEASE!!! As my village is not really a village yet, A chapel and one house, well it still looks beautiful, Oh see my jewel christmas tree it is sooo gorg when the lights are on, you know me magpie, twinkle, glimmer LOVE it, girls in Melbourne, I picked the jewel tree up at kmart, they are having a 50% off this week, the jewel tree cost just below $15.00 and stands about 90cm high, I carn't believe something so beautiful from kmart.

I also would like to thank Karla for her wonderful party I have had such a wonderful time. And to all the ladys that allowed me to visit your home and also leaving comments for me to read thank-you to all of you. Ladys your homes are just beautiful, some of you put me to shame, as an interior decorater myself my home should be more up to scratch!!! well I shouldn't be hard on myself as we have only been in our little Adeline for 2 years now!!!

Ok time to make dinner, I think maybe italian tonight.

Oh another thing can you believe one of my flowers looks like a chandelier in my garden, I'll post that soon......by for now.


Sunday, December 9, 2007

OH MY GOSH!!!!!!

If you scroll down to the Custom Design post you will see the original photo image for a closer look, like in the mag...

YAHOOOOOOOO!!! I am the happyest girl alive right now, I carn't believe it, can someone pinch me please..... You know why cause I debut in my first magazine, it has been out for a week now, I was told this morning, so I rushed out to find the magazine, now I didn't know about this mag because it's their second issue, can you believe that I made the second issue of a brand new magazine and it's on page 8 YAHOOOOOO!!! The magazine is called French Provincial, now if you wanting to subscribe to this magazine, and trust me you would want to, every page you turn is just gorgeous. and the price is amazing, You can find them on this website: http://www.finallyat40.com/ then scroll down and on the right side you will find the mag with the first issue with a blue door and Warwick fabric on the front cover. Happy reading as I will after I take Maddi and Sta my daughters around to see all the christmas lights (if I can take photos I will and post them soon) then put them to bed.

Now to Vintage Glamour owners Maritza and Paul, I owe you both many thanks, for using my Vintage Red Christmas handcrafted gift tags, as part of your magazine spread, and I loved the fact you used my original photo that I'd sent to you when I first came up with the design. Once again thank-you both a whole bunch, kiss, kiss,kiss,kiss.

Now Becky, you wonderful women YOU have been the most amazing women who has seen all the potential I had in me and got behide and pushed me so I wouldn't give up on my dreams, everytime I recieved a blow or negative remark from someone, YOU are there to wipe it clear from my mine to keep me focused on where I want to go. Today when I told you about the magazine debut, You where very excited and told me to "get off the phone and go find this mag and make sure you bring me one back". I gave you your issue You where just as excited as I was, like it a little girl in a candy shop, eye's like saucers, You have know idea how happy that makes me feel. YOU ARE MY ROCK AND MY TRUE FRIEND, and thank-you for being there when I've needed you. Love you......your friend Kirstie.

Christmas at my little Adeline Cottage

This is my Adeline Country Cottage, she is so cute, Carn't wait for my casement window's to go in and to put the shutters back on, for all you that dont know, the street we live on is called Adeline Street, so I named my shop after her.WELCOME.... open the front door and come in side....

I thought I'd try my hand at a christmas sign to hang outside my door. I am proud of it.

What I love sooo much about my little Adeline is the sound of christmas music playing every day from the first day of december, while decorating my home. Didn't go all out this year as been quite busy, which for me is quite sad.
the mosiac on my kitchen dresser took me about 2-3 weeks, in 30 degree heats, my face was dripping with sweat, not a very nice look, all my prettys slide of my face LOL. Oh can you see the pink cake on the kitchen dresser, I make thoughs as well, I know your all saying well everyone can make cakes, well let me just say, they are my pink princess cake soap, I sell these by the slice and or whole, the scent is antique rose, very gorg!!!

The sweet smell lingering in the air of ginger bread houses baking in my oven, I make around 15 to 20 of these every year, some are orders, some are donated as fundraises, and the rest well if there is any left over they are given as gifts, I decided to do a Shabby Chic ginger bread houses, with all things pale and in the shabby colourway, the pale pink icing roses just look beautiful if I do say so myself, Hopeful next year, if I have time to do more I will sell them through my website and or maybe I'll just take custom orders, just have to wait and see!!!

I normally have the whole family here for christmas lunch, but it's just my Hubby, Maddi, Sta & I, and then where going to my parents house, and then visit my brothers and there family so I will post photo's of that soon.

Well I hope you have enjoyed Christmas holiday at my home!!!

Thank-you Karla for hosting a wonderful party, I'm having a wonderful time here.


Holiday Home Party

Karla's Cottage.

Holiday Home Party, this sounds so exciting, carn't wait!!!
sounds like so much fun.
Wed December 12th

Friday, December 7, 2007

custom order designs

These are some of my custom orders I have done for a beautiful shop Vintage Glamour. Maritza and Paul a wonderful couple that gave me my first brake, they found me on ebay and wanted to buy direct, I was over the moon, and you can imagine how excited I was. Please go and visit there site, Vintage Glamour has wonderful and beautiful website full of vintage chandeliers, french furniture and more, you can find them here www.vintageglamour.com.au In my first post if you scroll down the first photo's, they also are custom orders they wanted.
I only make around 12 of each design, I don't really like mass production, but if there is any tags you like depending on my supplies I can recreate them for you, You will need to contact me at k.nicolaidis1@optusnet.com.au.

Thursday, December 6, 2007

Female Review Collection

Yesterday I had time free to come up with new designs, FEMALE REVIEW is one of my new collection these will be released on my website on Monday, http://www.adelinecountrycottage.com/ . I only have 10 each of these in stock, wholesalers also welcome, Please contact me for details.

More designs will be posted soon, all new designs will be released on my blog before going on the website. So I hope you enjoy looking at my gift tags as I enjoy making them!

Wednesday, December 5, 2007

Sweet Memories

Last night I started the front cover of this vintage photo album and finished it at about 11:30 pm..... I was so excited on how it turned out, today I finished the back cover, now my heart melts every time I look at it. My 7 year old daughter Maddison, said to me "is that for me mum", as she has been asking me to make her book like this, but I told her this is for photos/journal and the book you want me to make has secret compartments to house your keys for your little cupboard and diary away from your little sister Anastasia who is 5 going on 15, don't worry honey your special book is on it's way!

Do you like the pink paperie flower that I made, I was taught how to make these on the beach in New South Wales by my auntie, when we had a week holiday. You would never guess what we used back then, and I have to admit they looked beautiful, glimmering in the sun light, it was the paper out of a cigarette packet, I went around to all my aunties friends and asked for the paper out of their packets and being only 9 years old they gave it to me. I sat down and kept making them until all the paper was gone. It was a mix of gold and silver, by the end of the week I had a huge posie. I took them home to show my mother at how clever I was, she said "oh there nice darling where did you get the paper?" soon as I told her that it was made from the paper out of the cigarette packet she told me to throw them out. I said "no" and run to my bedroom, picked up my favorite perfume and sprayed them all, NOW they smell beautiful I said to myself!!!! I might make some so you can see them in the gold and silver, better start collecting paper.

Tuesday, December 4, 2007

I'm finally here.

Well here I'm am, my first entry to my blog it has taken so long to get here, I've been very busy working out final kinks to my website, making and creating, and also getting a blog up and running, busy, busy, busy. And in the process dealing with my 2 little cherubs throwing tantrums and fighting with each other, more about them in a later entry.

Ok, so I thought I'd post some photo's so you can view what I make, and why I have a love for beautiful paperie.

These tags are out of stock at this time but don't worry there will be more in a slightly different colourway, My scrapbook supplier has really bad storm damage, the whole place flooded on Monday and their closed, so I need to make do with what I have.