Friday, March 25, 2016

Sea Shell Inspiration

One of my passed times is to walk along the coastline collecting seashells, its amazing to think that once lived sea creatures inside them, and I can't help but wonder why would these little things leave such a beautiful home behind, their interior's and exterior's is to one's heart desire, I love the ruff texture as I run my thumb back and forward on the outside of its chalky exterior, then turning them over to discover what beauty of colour lies within the smooth interior.

 How can one not like or love such beauty, with this in mind I'm seeking here yet again inspiration from our family holiday to Queensland where I stumbled across many different types of shell that had been washed up on the beach, I still wasn't quite sure what or how I was going to incorporate these elements into my soap and that being the colour, the texture, the smoothness, the sand, and most of all creating an effect the best represents the pearly interior. 

So the Pearl of the Sea was created with all these elements, I tried to capture the purple ombre interior of the shell, and while adding seaweed and sea salt to create the texture on the top, with a light touch of blue mica added the shimmer of aqua water, ground pumice stone adorns the bottom to represents the sand that clings to the shell.   

Femininity of floral scent swimming through seaweed and sea water to find the Pearl of the Sea. Grounded pumice stone that gently exfoliates your skin with a pinch of seaweed and seasalt you feel your skin is moisturized and refreshed.

Tuesday, March 22, 2016

Great Barrier Reef Inspiration

Well here we are first blog post in years, forgotten how much I love using my camera and posting on my blog, with 2 teenage daughters now, that love making videos for their YouTube channel seam to command my camera equipment 90% of the time ha ha ha, not to mention daily life runs away with you. I'm back I hope you enjoy what I post and Adeline Country Cottage's new direction its heading, now I'm still keeping the vintage feel but with a twist of Aussie scope to the brand, just felt I need to come back to my Australian roots using it as my inspiration, some products will be inspirited from around the world however mostly the colours that represents here in our sun burnt country, So without further ado let's get into it.

January in the height of our summer here in Australia, we surprised our daughters and took them to Queensland for a summer vacation of sun, fun and relaxation, spent time at the fun parks for the girls, and for my hubby and I it was more about trying beautiful foods, walking the shoreline market and just relaxing in general.

But of course being a creative person for me it was being inspired, inspired about the colours of the sea, the sand, shells, drift wood, the care free living of a tropical life, light weight fabrics, the smell of tropical food in the air and the smiles on holiday makers faces.

 Ive always had a love for the beach, growing up when feeling down I always gravitated down to the shoreline as my thinking place, something about the sound of seawater against the shore washes the mind taking my worries out into the ocean, even if I had to drive an hour to get to the beach, I knew it was well worth it, (ha ha ha many sunset photos fill a photo box from over the years of using a film loaded camera, if you where to dive into that box you would be like yep that's sunset oh wait yeah thats another sunset photo), ha ha ha what can I say, whats not to love about a sunset.

   So anyway lets get back to it (my mind drifts away sometimes, must be dreaming of the sea air) with all these beautiful images from our family holiday in my creative mind I wanted to create some products using a few of these elements in mind. I Jumped back into my studio and start flicking through all our holiday images and some researching online, I don't make anything until I know the ins and outs of the products I'm using to create my soap, you know, like what properties and benefits are that is great for the skin, and of course trial and error and a whole lot of love. Ha ha ha sometime I feel like a witch over her cauldron, few drops of this a dash of that. 

So in the next view posts will be about my inspiration and products I have created out of our trip up north to Queensland. 

was inspired by the rolling waves that has this calmness about them, you know how they form a white and aqua barrel of water in swirling motion, like it's extracting or your worries and stress from your mind leaving you mesmerized, well that's what I wanted to capture the calmness and worry free not to mention the sparkling diamonds that reflects off the water from the sun beaming down from above. 

Calm Your Farm Bubble Bar has a swirling motion of white blue calmness of lavender essential oils filling your bath with all that foaming bubbles of the waves you see tumbling and crashing towards the sea shore, while aqua glitter reminds you of the sparkling like diamonds that's been reflected from the sun and lavender buds reflects the sea flora below.     

was inspired by one of the most beautiful place in the world, off the coast of Queensland, the Great Barrier Reef in the largest living thing in the whole of the world, did you know you can actually see it from outer space amazing and very special, inspirational for sure, well for me away.

So with the Great Barrier Reef in-mind and the hue and texture, I wanted to create and capture this is a soap, was a lot of trial and error in the making but I feel I've captured it beautifully in this hand soap. 

Swimming among the coral reef in the turquoise waters, well you will fall in love with the zesty lemongrass sage, poppy seeds that gently exfoliates your skin with a pinch of seaweed and sea salt you feel refreshed and alive.

Also known to get rid of those fishy hand smells, if your one to cut up bate for fishing or deboning fish for your dinner, Great Barrier Reef Soap will be your best friend removing these odours. If you are wondering Great Barrier Reef is a #Vegan product.

Well thats it for my first post back, if you have and questions about the soap leave a comment and Ill be sure to answer any questions that you may have. Stay tune for the next post where I have more soap inspiration from our holiday. If you are a soap maker or not please leave your link in comment as I would love to pop over and visit you.

And always remember inspiration is all around us.