Friday, January 11, 2008

I WON!!!

It has accurd to me I have not thanked Robin over at Thrift Miss Priss,, When Karla hosted the "What do you like about your home at Christmas". Robin had a giveaway of her beautiful handmade Christmas blocks, and I have WON those blocks, I think she still has then on her blog, Hang on! back in two sec's I'll go check............Yep they still are there, Lady's go check them out she also has lots of beautiful thing to see.

Thank-you soooo much Robin I love them, and can't wait to receive them, and a thanks to Karla and her Christmas Party, If it wasn't for the party I would not have found the wonderful Robin, and all her wonderful beauty's.
I will post the blocks on here soon when they arrive........Ooooooh I'm so excited, can't wait.


Wednesday, January 9, 2008

Hearts for Valentine

Ok lady's Valentine's day is coming up fast, so It's time I get cracking, today I started making my Coconut Ice Bath Bombs, I love making them, little fiddley, but I just love the results. My little cherubs love them to, so making them it's like one for the shop, one to the cherubs, that's why I have to make so many....I have know idea how many I made last year I lost count! I also used this recipe for Karla & Beths, Sweet Treats and Roses Swap, which I can't wait to recieve that book.... to try all the recipe's and have 41 oringal art work, from each lady that played a part in the swap......Hope you enjoy mine lady's!!!!! Over the next few weeks I be adding my valentine's items, so please feel free to drop in there.
Oh.. I made this for a friend Lisa for Christmas, like myself Lisa just loves Art Nouveau, just a little wall handing embellished with glitter, green half flower rhine stones, felt green leaf, topped off with a vintage ear ring and contrasting ribbons.

By for now back to work!!!


Monday, January 7, 2008

Opp shop finds and more!

Ok so I thought I'd show you all our bed, decided to mix it up abit, weeeell the image doesn't do it any good, you see I believe it doesn't matter, what is really in fashion I just mix and match old with the new, highlight a few colours and make sure the colour tone flows with each other. Actually the green quilt and shames to match, I just receive from a lovely friend Lisa on the weekend, they came from her mother that didn't want them anymore. so thank-you to both of you, I just love them.
My vintage trinket box above, trinkets I have been collecting, I do use them for embellishments in my designs, and there are some that I just wont let go yet, They are so beautiful to look at all in one box.......don't you think?
Now here are my favorite vintage fine at the Opp shop, last year.... you know, I would love to go back and be moving out of home for the first time again.....with the knowledge I know now, and what you can find at op shops, Oh just beautiful, and at low cost...... above cost me under $25.00, two vintage Doyle's, one stationary pack, a vintage strawberry table cloth, and a beautiful bed spread. Oh and if you scroll back up to my bedroom image, now the same day I bought these vintage items I also bought my bed and that was $250.00, what a bargain.
Ok lady's here is my first creation, pink princess crown shell, embellished with pink rub-on crown, pink glitter around the edges, contrasting ribbon and pearl..... How cute!

Ok lady must go for now hubby needs the PC see you soon!


Saturday, January 5, 2008

She sell's Sea Shells, by the Sea Shore

Well Lady's I need alittle help, my hubby manages a seafood company, and I bet you all have watery mouths now, and thinking how lucky I am, and that I'd get all my seafood free, and the answer to your question is "YES" I do, but guess what lady's I have a bad reactions to seafood so I can't eat it, the only thing seafood I can eat and not get sick is "Flake".......LOL
I asked him do you have shells that you just throw away, he replied "Yes" so I asked him to bring some home for me..... I think I waited about three weeks for them and I think I re mined him about 6-7 times.......well here they are I can't believe they throw these beauty's out they are just soooo beautiful..... Now lady's my question to you all is......Are there any craft ideas you could share with me, I do have a few which when I get around to doing, hopefully soon I will post and sell in my boutique. Now I know these shell's are endless to me, thank-you hubby, I think there will be many craft projects, just to name a few I came up with, glitter around the edges add hole, ribbons, nice little Chrissy decoration, the other one was a banner/garland the shells would be embellished, still not sure what yet, and the other with the thin white shell as a center piece for a necklace......Oh this endless... Please lady's all creative mines welcome!!!!!


Head over to CatieAn's blog, to enter her giveaway, CatieAn is celebrating her birthday and 75th blog post, this is a wonderful way to start New Year...... so make shaw you pop over there to see some of the prizes that Cat's has posted...... Happy Birthday my dear hope your year is filled with love, joy and happyness.
Hugs to you....... Kirstie.

Wednesday, January 2, 2008

Leading up to New Year and over to 2008

Well Lady's here it is my Sweet Treats and Roses Swap all made to look worn and tatted, the image is a photo I had taken my self as I sell these leading up to Valentine Day, in packs of 6, the photo flips open like a book revealing the recipe inside, and let me just say lady's I worked my butt off as each and everyone is hand made all 42 of them, yes crazy me, I should of made one and photo coped it, and some lucky lady will have the one of a kind gift tag, love to keep it myself, but in return I will receive a beautiful one of tag form one of you lovely lady's. actually you all get a one of well one of 42, but still not to mass production!!!! hee, heee.

Well Happy New Year to each and everyone of you and your family's, may this year be prosperous for us all, and filled with joy, love and happyness.........2008


Can you believe this weather we are having, one minute major down pour, now scorching hot weather, 42 degrees, is that about 110 -130 Fahrenheit, put it this way couldn't breath, windy, very hot and dry, look at my plants dried out and dying and look at my new seaside daisy's dead, and the other cottage flowers, snow and white lady are all DEAD!!! cry, cry, cry. I kept up the water and put them in the shade, nothing helped, Melbourne had two days of this. Well I just have to go back to the market on the weekend and buy more.

Some hydrangeas my father gave me from his garden boxing day, now housed in a vintage electric kettle jug in my kitchen, these are one of my favorite flowers.

Greeting us at the door of my mother and fathers house are these beautiful miniature villages, they are sooo beautiful, just love them.
This is looking through into the lounge room and dinning room, there are lights twinkling on and off everywhere, it looked so beautiful and my cherubs just loved it.
How mean am I, I made my mother reset the whole table when we arrived just so I could take photo's, but she didn't complain, Oh did you notice the windows in the background, they are sprayed with can ice, looks very real. Mum went with the gold and white theme on the table.
I so want to get me some of these, they are stunning, the photo doesn't show the true beauty of these flower Christmas ornaments, love to know where they are from my father wont tell, tears!

Hubby loooooved his new toy for the garden, it a garden blower and mulcher

Ok, Ok I know I don't look that glam in the morning as I just got out of bed, my girls put on the santa hat, hand me my chrissy present and took this beautiful photo, LOL
This is my little cherub above Anastasia (AKA, Sta) loving her chrissy cup full of lollies, and santa lollie pop, BIG sweet tooth this one
And my other cherub Maddison also loving her cup of lollies, we did take alot of photo's but for some reason most of the photo's came out blurred, my cherubs loved all the presents they received. And what little girl wouldn't
Wrapped voucher's for the boy's in the family, I have to tell they all looked so wonderful under the tree I didn't want to move them.
WOW !!! love all the prettys, magpies at it again, everything twinkling and sparkling, hee...hee

Now this is what my vintage wallpaper wrapping paper looks like, that I sell in my store. I wrapped my mother's Christmas present in and to top it off I used one of Angelina's beautiful Pink Christmas tags from, my mother just loved everything, including what was in side.
I tryed my hand at some Christmas cones, I made five of them to house gift vouchers for my family and friends, instead of a boring ol christmas card, I added the little reindeer's in the top to cover the voucher, I thought they turned out quite cute, and so did they, but I must say all you lady's out there that make these do a much better job, so I think I'll leave it to you.
How cute are these little Christmas reindeer's I found.... I'm will to part with, I have 6 pink ribbon, and 6 blue if any of you lovely ladys would like any, they are $2.00 each, just let me know.
Well first this first, we had a major down pour of rain this is just the beginning, our gutting didn't stand up to the rain, the front porch was the same, water started running inside our bedroom, lucky we stopped it before it reached our new carpet.