Wednesday, March 23, 2011

My Mothers Simple Strawberry Jam

      1: 2kg Sstrawberry's   2: Wash them          3: Into a big pot

   4: 2kg Sugar           5: into pot          6: Stir together

   7: Squeeze lemons    8:1/2 Cup lemon juice  9: Pour into pot

     10:Simmer on low heat for an hour 11: With a wet brush rub suger down the sides towards the jam
  12: Put saucer in freezer for 5mins, pull out and add a small table spoon of jam on plate, run your finger through the center if the jam stays apart and doesn't run back together it's ready

    13: soak jars in boiling hot water  14: Jam covers in pic below

15: Pour in jam and cover allow to cool over night.
16: Decorate jam jar to your liking...

Hope you enjoy the yummy taste of my mother's jam recipe...
let me know how you go or if you have any questions on making the jam I'm here to help.