Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Vintage Wallpaper Storage Boxes

I don't know about you but one thing I truly love and collect is vintage wallpapers, they have the most beautiful muted colours and pretty designs, how could one not love something so amazingly beautiful, so I got to thinking with many vintage wallpaper rolls lying around I've spent the last 2 weeks making over the storage boxes as part of my new line for my online boutique

the one above is Creamy Pink Rose Heart she is so sweet just like candy  

arrr I have to say Lady Bouquet would have to be one of my favorite wallpapers of all, she has such a pretty colourway and what girl would want this filled with something special and given to her as a beautiful gift

well then again I do really love the look of Powder Blue the dainty look of those sweet blue roses make my heart melt, this one will be very hard to let go as my dear friend Natasha gave me some of this wallpaper...but I do with a smile...and hoped secretly that know one buys her...lol

just some more of my collection, hope you have enjoyed some of my vintage wallpaper boxes and that they have been candy to your eye, they have been listed in my boutique now, with more in the making and on there way.
enjoy your week!


Thursday, May 19, 2011

An Amazing Autumn

Hi there, this week traveling back and forward to drop my girls off at school, I have noticed this year Autumn is at her finest, I don't know why it stands out more then ever before, but the colours are so vibrant, rich and beautiful, so much so I could resist on capturing some of her beauty. 

 I think these picture say it all...don't you think?
  maybe using these colours for inspiration
 to bring warmth into your home
 a throw blanket
 some cushions
 some branches in a vase for display
 an open fire
 with a nice cup of soup.
 The perfect Autumn day

 amazing how many coloured leaves on one tree 

 I think this tree is on fire...lol
 this one above would have to be my favorite, how wonderful would it be to drive down here everyday through Autumn to your home.
 I just love how the trunks of the trees look almost black from a distant which in turn intensifiers the colours of the leaves

I have to say this is the best Autumn showing I have ever seen.

enjoy life!