Sunday, July 19, 2009

Any one for Tea!

Well finally they are here! I have had so much trouble with my computer lately grrrrrrrr, and still am, sometimes I'm able to upload images from my camera and other times not, I am so frustrated that it's hard to get work done around here, Saturday my beautiful vintage computer ( well I have to be nice to her other wise ssshhhh in case she hears me she wont let me upload) allowed me to finally upload images of my gorgeous tea cup candles, I have had these ready for the last 4 weeks, yes that's right 4 weeks ready....OMG that's to long now that I think about it, and NOW there are 7 listed in my boutique, and more arriving through the week, I just love them, don't you? I don't have a favorite they are all equally beautiful and the smell in the room is divine, they are made from soy candle wax, once they are finished all you will need to do is wash them in warm soapy water and the wax dissolves very easy, and you have a new addition to your tea cup family, the burning time is 15hrs, of beautiful scent, there are only three scent's at this stage and they are Lily of the Valley, Victorian Rose and Frangipani, well ladies I hope you love them as much as I, click on "The Kitchenette" it should take you there. Oh and pop over to my gal Mandii there is one there, all beautiful and lit for you to see, you may scroll down a post. Thanks Mand's for putting them on display.

Just a short one today, time to pick my cherubs up from school.