Monday, July 7, 2008

Making time!

Well I'm making time to post as you can see I have been slack when it's come to posting, just look at the last date I posted, so sorry I haven't visited you all much lately, I've made a pac with myself that I have to visit at least 3 blogs every second night, it just been so hard lately, Yes I've started packing up the house yippy you all say, I was ment to have started a month, but with the shop, buying stock for my shop and yes some are from some of you ladies thank-you, pick ups, looking for rentals well have found more about that later, making tags, forfilling custom orders, sourcing new products blaa, blaa, blaa, and to top that all off having girls home on school holiday's, so enough of my whining, How are you all I hope you are all wonderful and being creative, I will soon see once I start fluttering around blogland.

I also would love to add some images, well that's on the blink again drates! But I will say hubby bought me a new toy movie camara, camara and mp3 all in one, I have been taking images with that...buuuut guess what I can't even down load the program beeeecauce I HAVE NO DISK SPACE LEFT......not fair! Hhhubby I need a new

So I had the pleasure of a sweet friend come visit me last weekend at my shop, Mandi
and her cutie pie Cooper, it was great catching up with them both although, I don't think Cooper was to happy to be there....don't worry honey I don't blame you all growen up talk and no kiddy's to play with. then I also had the pleasure of having Natasha, Leroy and Kathy come and visit this weekend just past if you pop over to Natasha's place there you'll se and updated images of my shop, Natasha has made it look so gorgeous, thanks Hon! So they stopped and played for alittle while, and bought some things, I had a chat with the cutie pie Leroy, he wanted to buy his mummy a green dress he told me from my shop....heeee, heee, little darling didn't relize it was an apron, I have to admit darling it dose look like a dress with all those ruffles and Kathy please forgive me for forgetting your name I am truely sorry! That night after a came home from working all day my girls decide to ripe up a foam box, into tiny little bean bag beans and run them through the house while I was returning and email to Natasha, in the back ground my girls were laughing and screaming so loud I could not here myself think and I forgot Kathy's name when typing so sorry Hon! but when I got of the PC....OMG you would not believe what the girls did! I could not believe my house was covered in every room stuck to the walls to the ceiling everywhere Eeeek! don't worry ladies there still alive well, if I can upload I would show you the video I took!

Ok beautiful people I must run, and go rest for alittle while, stay well, be safe, and enjoy, don't forget to pop over to Natasha's place to see my shop, and all her beautiful images seeing I have nothing for you here right now! but do come back as I should have fixed all my glitches and show some beautiful images next time.

Have a wonderful inspiring week!