Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Award and other lovely things & Christmas is upon us!

Hello Ladies, well first of all sorry it been so long since my last post, well alot has been happening in the last two mths, back in October I had my 40th birthday, I had a plans to do a post but I know it didn't happen, I would love to have shown you images but as my computer is having a melt down with all the images in my image file and I can't upload my beautiful gifts that my family had give me, so I just have to tell you my hubby and cherub's gave me a new car a Ford Territory TX, you could imagine my surprise when he pulled up in the driveway honking the horn, I ran out the front door jumping up and down with joy like a child would on Christmas day...lol, mind you I received that gift a week before my birthday, Then hubby said to me the night before my birthday what do you want for your birthday? I said you gave me the car that's totally enough, "No" you need to open something on your b'day...lol so I hand him my layby/lay away dockets ok I said you can pick these up if you like, 3 tops later, then you would never had guessed it he also handed me another parcel, Yeap!!!! a Path Finder so I'll never get lost again, where was this gift when I had to find my way to Mandii's and Natasha's talk about getting lost to and from well lost mostly from Mandii's, oh well Mandii had a good laugh about that, hee, hee.

So that night we went for dinner and Elvis show, that was quite alot of fun, but just quietly I think the show was more for my dad then me, but still had great time away.

Now I have won an award while missing in action the lovely Mandii has awarded me with........

Thanks so much Honey, I"ii have to blog more if I'm going to get awards like this,

So now I nominate some of my beautiful blog's that I love to read.

Karla from Karla's Cottage

Natasha from Natasha Burns Artistic Creations

Cathy from Treasured Heirlooms

Amy from Aged Vintage Papier

so happy reading over on there blogs and you will see why I love going back there.

Now to my lovely Adeline, YES ladies Adeline Country Cottage is no longer down at Pipework's Fun Market it is NOW CLOSED........don't worry keep read!!!!

Here I am....... I have now moved to a beautiful little suburb called Ivanhoe, my girlfriend asked me a few mths ago to come and share half of her children's clothing boutique with her, but thought we where just talking and didn't think she was to serious about until 4 weeks ago she asked me again, and I thought it was a great opportunity to get out of Pipeworks as it was only open on the weekend, now Adeline Country Cottage has now joined forces with the Flying Squirrel I have been there now for three weeks, it finally now is now looking full with a huge amount of help from Mandii and we are now open for 6 days, YEAH!!!!! dreams do come true, but I also must say there still is alot of fine tuning as there is so much stock that I need to get out as I need to bring Adeline back into the direction I had planed all along, being at Pipeworks I had so many people asking to get thing for them and never returning to pick them up.....buggers, so ladies of Melbourne there is a opening sale, on all soft furnishings 30% off, while stock last, hurry in a grab yourself a bargain for Christmas. Now this is the front window, thanks Mandii I nicked the images from your blog as I still can't upload, Oh the FedEx van is waiting for you to buy things ladies so he can deliver your items to your door.......lol great picture Mandii and Thank you sooooo so much honey for giving me a hand, you have know idea how much it meant to me, and catching the FedEx van, ready for delivery's....lol

Lots of pretties here, if you would like to come and visit Adeline, shop 4-5 Upper Heidelberg Rd, Ivanhoe, Melbourne, 3079, ph: 94991722, Now I'm not there everyday as we have the staff working, but Ann-Marie and I still need to work out times that I will be there, it's just been abit hard at the moment after my Maddison had been really sick and at the hospital, but all is great now for her brought her back to good health, now it's me, Thyroid problems back and forward to the doc's, but I am a lot better then last week that's why Mandii came to help me as I was sooooo behind getting the shop finished.

Now for some thing I have been working, I have been trying to get my hands on one of these side boards for awhile now, like the one you see in Rachel's bedroom in her book, and I struck gold and found one cream with a hint of blue showing through the chipped area's, so I line the draws with a vintage wallpaper, as I love this one so much, then sprayed tea rose to give a beautiful scent,

Now it's housed in my bedroom with a few of my fav's sitting on the top.

Looking through my princess mirror

Velvet for-get-me-nots soon to be listed online, keep watch HERE

Now these lovely packs are from Pretty Petals boutique thank you Heather I just love them soooo much.
And look at the gorgeous wrapping Andrea dose to her items, Ohhhhh can't wait to see inside, although it looks to beautiful to unwrap..........but I must see inside RIP! TEAR! WOW!
YUMMY! Look at all these wonderful beautiful things to play with, thank-you Andrea I'm so in love with these lollies, the perfect pink.

I so these beautiful doves on a few ladies blog's and I had to have some for myself, can't wait to decorate my Christmas tree this year to put these little beauties on.

Speaking of Christmas I have list in my boutique some beautiful Christmas wreaths

some cute vintage heart wallpaper ornaments with glass glitter,
some of Pina's hand paint Rose Christmas Ornaments,

Plush Rich Red Velvet Christmas Stockings, with vintage like button.
And I was so pleased how my Vintage Rose Wallpaper with silver glitter star ornaments turned out.....what do you think, they are so cute, and light weight.
Oh and my favorite wreath, who would want to have this gorgeous wreath hanging on there door for Christmas, or for all year round for that matter.
Ok my sweet ladies, must leave it there got to run and catch up on making more tags, and DON'T forget 30% off soft furnishing at Adeline Country Cottage in Ivanhoe store please drop in for a visit love to meet and see you there, see you soon!!!!