Friday, December 11, 2009

A Party, Decor and Christmas

Ok I've been slack since my last post, ok well not really everything has been going out of control with so much on family, shop, my birthday well we wont go there with that one...etc.....ok I know I shouldn't be on facebook playing farmville, fishville ok, ok and cafeworld when I should be doing a quick post I said slack!!!!
So now I though I'd share my Maddi's 9th birthday with you that was in October, which has also lead me to have these Vintage Craft Work Parties at my shop now I have alot more room, will let you all know when it up and going....just getting the craft workshop area stocked with all the fine now to let you into the world of Maddi's Day!
This a collage Maddi created herself a week before her special day to sit on the craft table, I gave her all that she needed to create her master piece, when Maddi finish and came to show me I could not believe what she had created, and her sister Sta had created one too, but in blues and greens, but I must let you know I did glitter the letters before they started.
So this is the morning of the party, all dressed ready for fun to be had,

all the flower millinery hats where used as the party hat.

teacup trio candle lite ready for Maddi's guest's to arrive, oops don't for get the old style music mummy....yes Maddi!!!! no I haven't brain washed my girls I

one of my favorite hats above, I just love the colourway and the Lilly-of-the-valley

Maddi opening her gifts, the girls look so beautiful, they all where asked to wear of course blue, pink, green, white or floral.

Millinery hats look so cute on them, and they loved wearing them, didn't take them off for the whole party.....hum, hum.....ohhhh so sweet!!!

All dressed for the craft room

So what girl wouldn't want to come and play here, I took this while opening gifts, soooo many different things for them to create there master piece, from vintage wallpaper, to music paper, buttons, millinery flowers, feathers, lace, buckles, glitter...etc

So my thought was pink, green, blue noodle boxes for them to decorate, so when there all finished and all dry, this then becomes the lollies I also had set up a little lollies shop for them to choose what they want and me being shop lady filled their decorated noodle boxes full of lollies.

Girls having creative fun, I also used vintage bowls, cake stands, plates silver ware jugs...etc to put all the supplies in. let me just say glitter everywhere and I'm still cleaning it from places what can I say to see the smile and the fun they all had makes me happy

Ohhhhhh isn't Maddi just having the craft time of her life

while the noodle boxes, oops sorry...vintage noodle boxes now are drying time for tea, triangle sandwiches little hot dogs, little cakes, teapot full of cordial.....and all talking like they have plums(posh talk) in there mouths, I could not believe how much they fell into character and played the part of little ladies, hee, hee, ha, ha one of them said to me while pouring a cup of cordial in her teacup...You can call me Lotta-Vagina.....I was floored and nearly dropped the teapot and the video recorder and not to mention laugh as I was trying to film at the same

A group shot of the fun they all had, from left to right, Sta, Maddy, My Maddi, Alecia, Courtney

I'm so glad you all had fun girls, And I must say they are still talking about Maddi's birthday today, and mothers at the school have been asking me about the party, which has lead me to start the Vintage Craft Work Shop Parties at my shop.

Now below some beautiful washing up to do!!! just had to take a photo at something so dirty after dinner, that looks so beautiful!!!

A beautiful rose box I came across at a vintage shop, hummm a must have...filled with my beautifully dyed curtains for my shop....

Rolled vintage music paper for sale, a new line at Adeline Country Cottage shop, feel free to email me to buy some as they ain't listed yet online

Just a simple vase of roses, some of my fav's

Summer Snapdragons, also some of my fav's

Summer vintage bedding that helps me sleep at night, something so wonderful about tatted vintage linen makes me feel at home.

Beautiful nighties coming soon online also will be displayed at Adeline Country Cottage shop

Merry Christmas to all, for you support and visiting my blog and online boutique through out the year.

Some special birds that sit upon my tree.

Christmas tree's I stripped of it original colour then dyed them to the colour I needed for my display.

Oh yes I have added these beautiful Christmas House to my online store, many different styles to choose from........quick Run they wont last long HERE

A view from my tree, Wishes and blessing to all at Christmas, and I hope you are gifted with lots of presents from Santa

Some tag designs that have now been sold out sorry!!!!!

Now to My shop, Adeline Country Cottage has now gone in partnership with Aladdin Vintage Market......... just some sneak peeks, still being set up my area and the workshop.

A hat box and foot stool revamped by me.

Once again Merry Christmas to you all.

Friday, September 4, 2009

A Birthday Today

Well today is my darling beautiful husbands birthday, this is one of my favorite photo's of him that was taken on our wedding day......Oh honey you look to handsome, hee, hee. So I decided
to do a little post just for you my sweet, as you are working all day today.
To my dear husband,
I love you with all my heart, you are my rock, my soul mate, and will love and share each birthday with you for all eternity, Happy Birthday My Darling!!!!
Happy Birthday Daddy!!!!!
I love you, you are the best daddy in the world, from Sta
To Daddy,
you are the best dad in the world, you always make me laugh when I'm down, and that's how much I love you, I wish you a Happy Birthday!!!!! from Maddi
Love you with all our hearts,
Kirstie, Maddi & Sta XXXXXXXXXXXXX

Friday, August 28, 2009


Well here is some more of the images of these roses in all her glory, I had taken so many images and couldn't decide which ones, as they are all beautiful,
We as you know in my last post I had rang HQ, to find out what the name of these roses are, so I could grow them in my own garden, well when I get a garden, maybe I'll have to grow them in a pot first, until I get one,
They are such a very pretty pale creamy pink........


So there you have it...... one pretty rose, for all! hope you all find one or two or three to grow in your garden.......I think when my time comes and have a garden I will be growing a border of these roses along the front of a white veranda........hmmmmm I wish, I wish for a white house with a wide long veranda.

Dreams can come true!!!!!!
Have a wonderful weekend!

Thursday, August 20, 2009

How Pretty!!!

Ok ladies today I have sent and email to HQ where I bought theses beautiful roses, they told me that they will ask there supplier the name of them, once I find out I will let all of you know what they are called!!!!

and this is my lounge room looking through to the dinning room, I was meant to show this awhile back, actually I think I took this a week before the big fires we had here in Melbourne, I remembered because of the flowers on display here, dried out in two days, which was amazing, I never thought flowers could dry out so quickly....I kept some of them and they are still on display today, I'll show them another time. But I also must admit there room has been changed around to since. Please don't enlarge you see all the yukky stuff down through the back door where I store things for my shop......LOL and hubby is not happy about that either.....heehummm sorry honey.

Oh my beautiful millinery hats, love them whole, bought them to pull apart to get the flowers, but can't bring myself to do that....there just toooooooo pretty. Oh I just realised I have forgotten two other shades of pink millinery hats, hmmmm where is my head lately, I would forget my head if in it wasn't screwed

Pretties taking a bath, I just loved the whiteness of the soapy bubbles with beautiful colours of the teacups, looks gorgeous don't you think?

And now to the perfect Shabby colours, I went to my local paint supplier, with a little drop of this and a little drop of that we came up with the perfect Shabby Chic colour pallet.
Soon as I got them home I couldn't wait I had to crack the cans open to have a look and take a photo, ok the image was taken at the wrong time of the day, to get that right sun light, to show them of better. But arn't they beautiful!!!

I hope there was lots of eye candy there for you, as it was for me.
Hope you all have a wonderful weekend and find loads of Shabby treasures!!

Sunday, August 16, 2009

Pretty In Pink.......

Well this is only going to be a quick one today, need to dash off to pick up cherubs from school,

I took these images back in June, as that's when I finally found my own Little Adeline Dress Form, so I got to work dressing her all up for a photo shoot, some many vintage treasures I have found along the way, originally I bought all these lovely vintage necklaces to sell, which I still might but at this stage, I'm loving Miss Adeline wearing them.

I thought about trying to clean and get some of the stains out of her but once I dressed Adeline, I loved how the different toning of the vintage fabric she stays dirty.....naughty have a
with this dress form there are holes in the front and sides so you can turn and in large the form to the size dress you want to make, at first I didn't like that idea....but dress forms are very hard to find so who am I to complain.....

I put a peony rose in the hole to cover it up for this shoot....

And finally I added a vintage apron that I found at an opp shop, (thrifty shop) gorgeous colour don't you think....I think I'll be keeping this one....

And I still haven't found out about my favorite rose, I am determined to find out what the name of this rose's driving me crazy.... I want to grow these but how can I when I don't know what to ask for....All the shop could tell me is that they are STANDARD ROSES but surely they have a name.....Does anyone know!!!!!!!!
Ok told you it was a short one!
Hope you have a wonderful day.

Friday, August 14, 2009

House Hunt

Ok today the girls and I decide to go to a couple of house inspections, as we are thinking about buy a house, the street we went done OMG this street was full of cottages, ohhhhhh, arrrrrrr, they where all just stunning, all I could here from the back seat, "I want to live in that house, no this house OMG to many to choose from" I had a little chuckled to myself, think gee I thought I was, now there is only one of these we went to inspect, the rest are dreamers. This one here you could only get glimpse of it through the tree's, beautiful white cottage, loving the hint of pink blooms, while resting in the lush green surroundings,

Loving this one little miners cottage, mind you every one of these houses bar 1 are mostly all in a row,

Now this I could live in, loving the wrap around veranda, the fact of it being cute and small looking from the front, then you notice that it is a two storey.

Now ladies the worst house in the best street this is the house the girls and I went to inspect, now I looked passed the old smell and the dirtiness of the inside and not to mention the original furniture that every shabby girl dreams of finding I wanted to take it all home, anyway I pictured it all painted white on the inside and out, it had the old original doors and handles, the kitchen was like stepping way back to your 1960's and very small almost like the size of a small bathroom, the whole house was painted in a cream, and as I said before very dirty, I wish I could have taken images, to show you how much work that needed to be done, not to mention the bits that can be turned into gorgeous shabby items. If I get a chance I'll go back for a second look and see if I could take some images,

Now this GOORGEOUS is this little treasure she was hiding around the corner, while waiting for the inspection to start we drove around to see other houses in the streets near by, when we drove up the street OMG we all said, "HELLO I LIVE HERE" I said to my girls, I noticed there was a gentleman in the front painting, so I said to my girls I'm going to ask if I could take a photo of there house, so I called him to the fence and asked if I could take a photo, then explained how I would like to put it on my blog, also asked if he knew what a blog was, and much to my surprise he said yes, his wife blogs, he called for his wife, well we had a wonderful chat exchanged blog addresses and here I am posting about it, NO seriously what are the odds of that happening, finding a co blogger, by stopping at there house to take a photo, well I must say
Lesley the owner of the house has not been blogging long, but my goodness her blog is beautiful you must stop by and read everything, I loved everything and added her to my Pantry straight away. Make sure you go and visit, Life At Number 10 you wont be disappointed.
Now my image here dose not do this little Cutey any justice, All the house is pure white, and beautiful magnolias trees in bloom set the setting, of what's to come on the inside.

Just another dream home behind all the garden.

and this one teal and pale blue, this one is another keeper.

and my list of dream homes keep getting bigger,

Now this one I think for me I'd need to remove some of those trees from the front and open it up more, and I probably change the colourway to a soft cream with white trims/highlights to match the fence of course.
Well ladies must get going, house work before going out to dinner tonight with some loved ones.
Hope you all have a wonderful weekend.