Tuesday, August 31, 2010

1st of Spring 

Just want to wish everyone a Happy 1st of Spring.

Sunday, August 15, 2010

In the making

Well it's all starting to fall into place, now that my booth has closed down for now, I have been dreading the fact that my house is filled with clutter, all those lovely things had to go somewhere from my booth, so I have been listing them on ebay to rid and free up the space around here...and it's going very well on ebay thank~you to all who have purchased some great treasures and not to mention that bargain word.

I know this is a very quick post, as I'm still finding my steps, so I'm leaving you some images of a new tag design I'm working on.....feel free to comment as I love to here what you think.

I whipped this one up for my hubby's Auntie Faye's birthday on the weekend....the present is wrapped in vintage floral wallpaper, bounded in a sheer wide pale pink ribbon, hope you like it..... Happy Birthday Faye!!!
Thanks for all your emails, they mean alot! everything is fine...fingers crossed I will be back alot sooner.