Friday, March 25, 2016

Sea Shell Inspiration

One of my passed times is to walk along the coastline collecting seashells, its amazing to think that once lived sea creatures inside them, and I can't help but wonder why would these little things leave such a beautiful home behind, their interior's and exterior's is to one's heart desire, I love the ruff texture as I run my thumb back and forward on the outside of its chalky exterior, then turning them over to discover what beauty of colour lies within the smooth interior.

 How can one not like or love such beauty, with this in mind I'm seeking here yet again inspiration from our family holiday to Queensland where I stumbled across many different types of shell that had been washed up on the beach, I still wasn't quite sure what or how I was going to incorporate these elements into my soap and that being the colour, the texture, the smoothness, the sand, and most of all creating an effect the best represents the pearly interior. 

So the Pearl of the Sea was created with all these elements, I tried to capture the purple ombre interior of the shell, and while adding seaweed and sea salt to create the texture on the top, with a light touch of blue mica added the shimmer of aqua water, ground pumice stone adorns the bottom to represents the sand that clings to the shell.   

Femininity of floral scent swimming through seaweed and sea water to find the Pearl of the Sea. Grounded pumice stone that gently exfoliates your skin with a pinch of seaweed and seasalt you feel your skin is moisturized and refreshed.

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