Thursday, September 29, 2011

Adeline Country Cottage goes to Time Worn Style Mountain Studio 2 the Final Part...

A few months back I visited my dear friend Alicia of Time Worn Style Mountain Studio, upon driving through her lynchgate with only just enough room for my car to fit, I was thinking how beautiful is this! it was like driving into a secret garden.

Weeks had gone by with many mornings waking from a beautiful dream,
dreams of this lynchgate that I couldn't get out of my mind of what
and how I'd like to decorate it with a table setting for that lazy summer afternoon luncheon.

So I thought the only way I'm going to stop these dreams is to contact Alicia, and tell her about my dreams
about her lynchgate, and of course to ask her if I can come up one day to set it all up and have a styling shoot,
and for Alicia to assist me in the styling, to my surprise Alicia loved the idea.

This is where it began Adeline Country Cottage goes to 

We had played around with a few stylings that I had in mind, this is exactly what I envisioned...
A place hidden away under the lynchgate, a place where you feel taken away from the busy life one leads, a place to share with friends on a lazy summer afternoon lunch, with delishes food,
fine wine, great company with laughter echoing through the garden...your mind wonders! lets bring you back!

I love traveling around to opp-shops, antique stores and online to find that perfect piece, with a love of all things blue, pale pink, white, cream, silver, gold, silver grey timbers, crystal class, dried pink roses, vintage tins and of course chandeliers. I also like mixing old with the new,
so with styling this setting came very easy, a place where I dream to be.

I love layers of white vintage table cloths, the freshness and the feel of luxury, I think Rachel Ashwell once said "like old hankies'...vintage table clothes can be found in many places garage sales, opp shop (thrifty stores) antique stores etc, I don't pay anything over $25 for a large size,

I have thought about buying new french linens, but there is nothing nicer then an old soft well worn table cloth, that you can pick up around the corner from home that doesn't cost to much, thats if your on a tight budget of course, dont you agree?

The vintage cream plates with the tatted gold rims can be found for a few dollars per plate, you can be lucky to pick up a set, but in my case it was one at a time and at different places and of different sizes,

here I have used 2 napkins, vintage white and pink, you can never have to many napkins at the table, the thought behind this is the large white one for your lap and the smaller pink one for those little bits of food around the mouth can be wiped I laugh!

vintage napkins can be sourced everywhere, the white napkins here a set of twelve where $15 and the pink 99c each, I have used a very sheer vintage ribbon to hold the napikins together and placed the fine silver cutlery inside, 

now silver cutlery sets can set you back quite a bit but with a little resourcing you can be very lucky to find them at a good price, the set I have used here for a place setting of 12 that came in the box for $50 great find if you ask me,

The clear crystal wine glasses I find most familys have, weather there handed down or given as a wedding present or buy them, they are dim a dozen in thirfty stores couple of dollars I've seen them for, and who said they all had to match as long as they all have the same size.

Dotted around the table are some odd glass jars to add tea lights in, well there nothing really special, just find some that works for you for a couple of cents,

The blue drinking glass are a reproduction, now these glasses Alicia was so happy to assist me with, they have the cut of a crystal glass and had been put into a dish washer and lost some of it's blue, they look like they have the vintage fadeness, but you know I think it adds to the appeal of the table setting, Oh and did I mention Alicia gave them to me as a gift...I love them!

the tall blue water bottle can be found in kmart for $1.99, the small vintage bottle dotted around the table are an easy find,
prices range between $2 to $12, they come in different shades from clear to a tint of blue.

The two gorgeous blue hobnail vases, they are the most vibrant Greek sea blue with a white rim around the top very had to find, if you see them grab them, they are worth alot of money, lets just say anything under $100 is a bargin, the two here where under that price.

I love fresh flowers, but didn't want to much here after all your in this beautiful secret garden that provides such natural beauty,
I went with some dried pink roses, placed here and there, and an old silver grey bucket that housed some blue hydrangeas,

A sweet little table crystal drop candelabra, and blue chairs found in one of Alicia's junket runs.

I love the idea of hanging my milk white chandelier, and liked the idea of having a white picture frame hanging, but I wanted something different so we hung both of them,
the whiteness of the frame and the chandelier as the vocal and brought the outdoor room all together, the vintage frame cost $50 and had nothing but a slap of white under coat paint,

the milk white chandelier was my bargain of the century cost me $5 yep your reading right $5 dollars, I just happened to be at the right place at the right time!

Well I'll let you scroll and view the rest of images

I had such a wonderful time with Alicia, thank you so much Alicia for opening your home and garden for me to for fill my dream...And thank you to Sonia for publishing this photo shoot in
Creating Vintage Charm magazine and putting Adeline Country Cottage on the front cover.



June said...

Kirsti, this is an absolute magical post. I had to go through it twice to see all the beauty. I love how you explained the beautiful layers and how you acquired them and put it all together.
Thank you for the beautiful start to my day!

Cheryl said...

lovely photos!!

Jennelise said...

Beautiful! The frame suspended in front of the chandelier is lovely - makes a very pretty photo. :)

kelly said...

This looks lovely. Nice styling!


Anonymous said...

hello there!! beautiful blog!!