Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Lost my way...

A beautiful sweet vase with delicate roses

 Something about me:
Over the years I have worked hard building well what I thought was building Adeline Country Cottage to be one day a family business, but for the last few year I have felt lost, lost in why I started in the first place, lost in my design eye and lost in the wonderful world of eye candy. Hm mm well I do know why I started, something I could call my own, something where one day my family can read/look back on or build on, part of my life's journey and for them to enjoy too...

This business card is the very first business cards I made and never used them and not to mention I found them a few weeks back...bought me back to where I started.

The one thing I have a passion for and that's design, designs of my styles, colour, colour makes my heart sing, and photography, images that draw you in so much that you have to or got to have it, which has lead me to fill my home with treasure that really I never wanted them in the first place, so for me this is a major trap and why I'm lost, lost in others ideas, I have found that I've been following what others do or want and not what I want...I posted a few weeks back on facebook that I feel like just giving up, being so over whelmed with anything and everything, to much stuff! 

lovely pattern design on a vintage bowl

But with weeks of searching and having deep hard look at myself and of my business that it's time to get back to my roots and start going with my gut feeling, and creating things or buying what I like, not because the people want them, well if they do it's a bonus, but to enjoy what I have created or bought...many times I have made tags and sold them and never kept one for myself, it's only been in the last two years that I started to, the boxes that I've made or the Christmas houses or decorations, soft furnishings, making over furniture and many many other things I haven't kept one, not even for my girls, so that's something that needs to change, make them for my girls and home first before selling or giving them away...

I love the colourway of theses leaves

Or not to mention lost in the world of home ware treasures that I have abundance of, that I was drawn in by the eye candy photos, saying buy me I'm so pretty, you don't really need me, but look how pretty I am and I bought it, wanting to create my house into that design that you created, (and notice I called it my house and not my home, I have a thing if you don't own the home your renting a house)...yes lost.

platted rose handle, plant wrapped in old shopping paper bag

Well you can blame me, I'm sure we've all done it, but when is enough is enough, well a girl can never have to much treasures I say, Still lost. 

grey metal leave

I also ask myself to blog or not to blog, I also ask myself do people visit my blog and read or do they just flick passed looking at all the eye candy, or to click by me to get to another on my sidebar, oh yeah some do and yes I'm guilty of that in the past.

 I read somewhere, beautiful pictures help people come back more and more as they love seeing eye candy images, and read in another place to have the common Curtice to leave a comment, if you have time to go visit you have time to comment even if it's a few words, I have done that a few times yep guilty here too.

But after looking back over my blog posts over the last few months, I have come to realise, I don't have passion in my writing, I say how I talk and that's just me, I guess what you would call it here in blog land finding my voice, which I have also read, I also come to realise that I haven't opened up of my true feeling and how I SEE the world, what my likes or dislikes, what I love to cook and eat, what I hate doing at home like the washing, cleaning etc, etc, I guess people get bored with what you write or maybe I'm just not passion it enough for them to listen/read about, just saying or letting people into my softer side...ewww who wants to hear you say. but I guess I really should because it is my journey, and I really should write how I feel and not worry about it as it's for my family and for me as I like going back sometimes to see how far I has steered of course lol and for you of course too:) who like to follow.     

plant: old mans wiskers

So after a long had think, I going to change and restructure a few things and go back to my roots and hopefully come out with a better plan.   

a little Christmas tree

A better plan for business of what I love and passion and for family who mean the world to me...

and the decorating begins.

A even more happier life!


Who's feeling Christmas coming very fast this year :)


Unknown said...

Sometimes we do need to step back and find our path,because it is so easy to get lost and when that happens self doubt usually set's in pretty quick...
I feel for you,I speak from experience,I too feel that I dont write as true has I would like,It's scary Isn't it ,PUTTING YOUR FEELINGS OUT THERE,I hope you start to get your mojo back and just so you know I love your fab creations TAKE CARE
XX Manda XX

Anonymous said...

Hi Kirstie,
I just found your blog this week, and I am so glad that I did. You may feel that you have 'lost your way', but in writing this post I think you're well on your way to finding it.
I went through similar soul searching when we downsized from a "McMansion" to a tiny cottage in the woods, and love the changes.
Do people visit your blog and READ? Wonderful question. I've often wondered that one myself. But when I find a blog like yours that not only shares beauty but thoughtful words, I definitely read every word.

Anonymous said...

I too just discovered your blog. I don't have a blog but the feelings your having can pertain to many things we do in life. I'm a lot older than you and I have to say there have been many times I've stepped back and changed course. I call it's a process. As far as your writing goes I think it's lovely. Enjoy the journey and don't be so hard on yourself.

kelly said...

Kirstie, I always come back to your blog for inspiration. I am a very visual person and have only discovered that since following blogs etc.... I find that sometimes the words flow with the passion of the subject you are writing about. So blogging about what interests you might bring about that passion. I wonder whether you have seen Pinterest. A site where you can pin all your favourite images. The images you pin are all on subjects that you like.
Happy blogging

kat said...

Hi Kirstie, Oh I can SO relate to what you have posted here. Life is a journey, never look back, always forward. Being honest in your feelings is a hard thing to do, but if your gut tells you your lead, you must follow. Be true to yourself, never live for someone else. You are an artist with decor and your lovely pictures and your feelings.
I too am older, have way too much stuff, and yep when is enough enough! So now I am editing. I retired. I have a booth to sell my lovely treasures for someone else to love now. It is hard, what was I thinking! :) You are not alone in any of your thinking really. It will be ok. Take a step back for a few, enjoy your family, start journaling, privately, then if you feel the need to post, do it. Tears fill my eyes this season because I lost my beloved Mother during the Christmas month a lot of years ago but seems like only yesterday. I miss her terribly. Every year it gets worse, and I cry alot :(, so I read blogs because I know I am not alone, and started one or two of my own :) Hang in there honey, all will be ok! Hugs Kat =^.^=

Kathy said...

Hello Kirstie,
I believe it is my first visit to your blog. I think it is good and at times we all become retrospective of where we are. I am thinking of creating a 'mood board' for my life - where I want to see myself in the next five years. Transition and change is good as is finding your true self. I am happy to have found you and am your newest follower - be true to yourself and to your family - the blogs are to reflect us!
Hope you have a blessed weekend,

isaela said...

Une jolie pause dans ton univers plein de douceur, tellement profitable dans ce temps de l'avent... Isabelle

alicia ~ Time worn style said...

very well said, enjoy the journey, it will be even better now you have planned your course

Bente said...

I just found your blog and it`s so beautiful. I`m your newest follower.

Wish you a Merry Christmas

Hugs Bente

Laura Venosa Verbena said...

Hi Kirstie, glad we connected Love your pictures. I can look at them for hours. You made my day... & I thought it was over! xo Laura

shabby*vintage*dreams said...

I can totally understand!! Hoping you find your creative mojo back very soon!!! xxoo

Natasha Burns said...

Hello!!! Ok so officially you're even naughtier than me, November last year? Kirstie!!!
I hope your plans are all coming along nicely and that you aren't feeling so lost in the world.

Melanie said...

I have just stumbled across your blog and I am so happy that I did. This post was written quite a while ago now but I nodded my head to nearly everything you said. Blogland can be a lonely old place. You hit the nail on the head when you mentioned that people pop in but can't take time to comment. The human race thrives on admiration and a little encouragment. My pet hate is when I find so many of my pictures being used on Pintrest, most being taken by one person though after 1 year of blogging she couldn't find the time to say hello.
Love makes the world go round and compassion is what turns the wheel. I love your blog, I really enjoyed this post and I am now your newest follower. It's also lovely to follow a fellow Aussie x

Country Cottage Kelowna said...

Simply beautiful! What a lovely additions to your cottage. It looks like the perfect place to relax.

Almost to Paris said...

Hello ,
found you're lovely blog and feel that same thing about blogging, and so i started all over. I'm sure a few people thought I was a little crazy and fickle and that's okay. Bottom line find who you are and do you're thing what ever it is! Thanks for being you and sharing, I'm not so crazy after all lol.